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Chamber Wants To Manage Chelan Tax 12/12/2012
As part of Thursday’s agenda, the Chelan City Council will consider a contract with the Chelan Chamber of Commerce to take over duties previously handled by the Tourism Promotion Group dealing with the 3% bed tax money collected within Chelan City Limits.
In 1995, the Chelan Bill was signed into law, allowing the City to impose an additional 3% bed tax that would be dedicated exclusively to tourism marketing. At that time, the Chelan Chamber of Commerce served as the administrator of the funds. In 2000, Lake Chelan Tourism Promotion Group was formed and secured a contract with the City to manage the 3% funds.
Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Mike Steele, says that group has now voted to dissolve at the conclusion of 2012.
For several years now, the Chamber has held a contract with the Lake Chelan Tourism Promotion Group to serve as the management company for the visitor information center, and Steele says that is not going to change.
The Chelan City Council will decide whether to contract with the Chamber, or to serve as administrator of the 3% bed tax funds itself.
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"CLICK HERE" for Audio