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Manson School District Considering Levies 11/30/2012
The MansonSchool District must make a decision next month on whether they will run a Maintenance and Operation levy and if they also want to add a Capital Levy to the February ballot.
That decision must come at their regular board meeting on December 20th.
Manson School Superintendent, Matt Charlton, told KOZI that, although the school board has yet to make a final decision, voters will most likely at least see one levy on their ballots.
Charlton explains that in addition to the M & O levy, a capital levy is also being considered. He explains that there are two ways for a school to fund the building, construction and modernization of a school; a school bond, or a capital levy.
MansonSchool District formed a Facilities committee that has met regularly for the past year and has developed a prioritized set of recommendations of things that need to be taken care of in the buildings.
The MansonSchool board will decide at their December 20th meeting if they want to add a levy, or both, to the February 12th ballot, which will be mailed out in mid-January.
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