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Donkey Basketball To Support Paws For Lily 11/26/2012
ChelanHigh School FBLA club and The Chelan FFA Chapter are sponsoring a Donkey Basketball game on December 5th at 7:00 pm in the Community Gym as a fundraiser for “PAWS FOR LILY”.  
Lily Hill is a 6 year old who attends MorganOwensElementary School who was diagnosed with Porencephaly (literally means “hole in the brain’) and suffers from severe seizures.   In June of 2011 Lily suffered a terrible seizure and could not breathe.   Her parents had to perform CPR on her in the car on the way to meet the ambulance.   Lily has since begun seizing in her sleep.  
October 3, 2012 Lily had three seizures in the night with the worst convulsions she has ever experienced.  Our community and school student organizations are pulling together to help Lily and her family raise funds to get a seizure dog that she desperately needs.  The dog will be able to not only sense seizures before they hit and alert people around Lily but the dog will also be able to help Lily get around by pulling her wheel chair and helping her up if she falls. 
Tickets are available from FFA and FBLA members who will be out in the community over the next couple weeks.  Tickets are available for $8.00 for grades 6 through adults, K-5 students are $6, 00, and children under 5 are free.  Prices will be $1.00 higher at the door.  If you aren’t contacted by a member call 509-682-4061 during school hours for more information and to have a member come and sell you tickets.  
The Chelan FBLA and FFA members look forward to seeing you in the community gym for this fun filled family event and to help raise a significant amount of money for an extremely good cause.