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48 Hours Featuring Mackenzie Cowell Homicide 11/6/2012
Television's most popular true-crime series, 48 Hours, will feature the 2010 Wenatchee homicide of Mackenzie Cowell  Saturday at 10 p.m.

The CBS program investigates shocking cases with a cutting-edge style. drawing huge television audiences as they likely will again with Saturdays program “Beauty School Bloodbath.”
Cowell disappeared from downtown Wenatchee February 2012 and was found dead four days later. Her killing sparked an eight-month hunt by a multi-agency team of police.
Mackenzie Cowell was last seen on a parking lot surveillance video driving away from the Academy of Hair Design in downtown Wenatchee. Police believed she went to the apartment of fellow academy student Christopher Scott Wilson where he murdered her.
Wilson was arrested in October 2010, and charged with Cowell’s murder. In May of this year he entered a plea and is now serving a 14-year prison sentence.
Saturday's “48 Hour” program will air on Seattle’s KIRO and Spokane’s KREM affiliates at 10 PM