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Blue Star Wins Coffee Competition 10/2/2012
In a head-to-head, bracketed, winner- take- all coffee roaster competition, Blue Star Coffee Roasters, from Twisp Washington, took home the first prize trophy at the inaugural America’s Best Espresso Competition, Seattle Coffee Fest 2012.
Roasting companies competed with their proprietary blends of selected coffee beans, developed especially for the preparation of espresso drinks.
Thirty-two semi-finalists competed over the course of three days, culminating in the Championship round on Sunday, September 23rd, at the mecca of Specialty Coffee trade shows, Coffee Fest Seattle. Competitors were chosen from applicants from the Western United States and Canada, and represented a wide variety of coffee roasters, all with a shared passion for excellence.
The coffee roasters themselves (or a representative barista) prepared three shots of espresso and presented them to the judging table for each round of competition. The Washington Restaurant Association provided restaurateurs and chefs to perform the demanding task of judging the competition.
Espresso was evaluated on the basis of: flavor complexity, mouth feel and appeal, as well as aftertaste.
Meg Donohue, co-owner of Blue Star Coffee explained to KOZI why they use espresso for the competition.
If you are interested in buying Blue Star Coffee online, you can do so on their website,
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