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Chelan Considers Change to Firearm Ordinance 9/25/2012
The Chelan City Council will be looking at a proposed amendment to their Firearms ordinance- specifically pertaining to Civil Emergencies at their meeting this week.
Currently the ordinance reads:
After the issuance of a written proclamation of a state of emergency, the mayor or the representative of the mayor duly authorized to act for him as provided in Section 9.12.030, may in the interest of public safety and welfare make any or all of the following orders:
Order the discontinuance of selling, distributing, dispensing, or giving away of any firearms or ammunition of any character whatsoever;
Prohibit any person or persons from carrying or possessing upon any street or public place within the city any firearms, knives, clubs, rocks, bricks, or other weapons, objects or contrivances susceptible for use in causing injury to persons or damage to property.
Chelan Councilmember, Mike Steele, told KOZI that the proposed change comes after a suggestion made The Second Amendment Foundation, a group charged with looking at municipal codes across the state.
This week’s council meeting will be held at 6PM in Council chambers at City Hall on Johnson Ave.
As always, you are invited to attend that meeting.
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