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Resident Announces Intent To Sue City 9/19/2012
Residents attending last week’s Brewster City Council meeting were already on edge as they packed into the Fire Hall- a majority there to voice their distaste for the council’s decision to cut the police force from six officers to 5- so, when Brewster resident, Tim Rieb, announced his intent to sue the city- the crowd sat stunned.
Rieb’s announcement came after a Letter to the Editor was published in the Brewster newspaper last month, signed by three council members: David Freels, John Scheller and Kris Dawson; stating their reasons for voting to cut the police department to five officers. Councilman David Freels defended the letter after hearing Rieb’s announcement.
The letter in question stated that “we as council members have observed the police department operating sufficiently for well over a year with five officers.”
The letter went on to list water system upgrades, increasing funds in the city’s reserves, potential tax increases, outstanding loans, and improvements to more than 30 streets as areas that could use the funds generated by cuts to the police department.
KOZI will continue to follow this story – and of course will keep you informed. 
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