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Air Quality Advisory 9/17/2012

The Chelan-Douglas Health District is warning residents that the air quality in Wenatchee is still considered “Hazardous” and will likely remain so for the next few days. In the Chelan Valley air quality is “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” and trending towards poorer air quality conditions.

When air quality is in this range everyone is at risk of being affected by it. At this point whether very unhealthy or hazardous you should limit exposure to outside air and do not do anything that would increase your breathing rate, people should avoid any exertion.

Red Cross has established a clean air shelter in Wenatchee in the Seventh Day Adventist Church at 5th and Western. Air quality in that building is good. This may be helpful to anyone having health problems from the smoke. If you are having significant problems talk to your health care provider, too.

Employers should recognize that many people have real health problems in conditions like these, and should be lenient in allowing absences. 

School administrators will be making similar decisions over the next few days. These decisions are difficult because some employees and students may find better conditions at school or their workplace than at home. It all depends on the location and conditions.

Many buildings have air handling systems that are doing a good job of handling the smoke. If your home or business is one of those places, spend as much time indoors as possible.

More information about current air quality conditions and forest fires is available on the health district website: