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Canyons Fire Update 9/11/2012
The 860-acre Canyons Fire, burning one mile west of Wenatchee, appears to be in close proximity to the Twin Peaks fire to the west, although low visibility hampers efforts to provide more details at this time. The fires are a result of the Saturday night lightning storm.
There are dozens if not hundreds of evacuations of various levels in place along Number One Canyon RoadSurry Road and Sage Hills Drive
Due to fires burning in the Twin Peaks evacuation notices were  issuedfor residents of Number Two Canyon Road  and Sties Canyon Road.
Level 1, 2, and 3 Evacuation Status is like a “Ready, Set, Go” level of evacuation notices with Level 1 asking residents to be ready to evacuate if conditions change, Level 2 means residents should be set to go at a moment’s notice, Level 3 means authorities are advising residents to evacuate because their homes are in imminent danger.
Approximately 160 firefighters from local agencies and around the state are fighting this fire.  Structure protection remains a key fire management objective. Local law enforcement personnel are staffing roadblocks and giving residents evacuation notices as needed.
A Red Cross shelter remains open at the Seventh Day Adventist Churchlocated at 5th Street and Western Avenue in Wenatchee.
The Canyons Fire information phone number is 667-6636.