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Methow Fire Updates 9/10/2012
Winthrop, WA— Saturday night’s lightning ignited several small fires across north central Washington.  In Okanogan County, there are eight small fires on lands managed by the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest’s Methow Valley Ranger District.
Two of those fires are visible from State Route 153 between Pateros and Twisp, Washington.  The Hunter fire, previously referred to as fire number 520, is estimated at 100-plus acres and is on the ridge between McFarland and Squaw Creeks.  The Buckhorn Fire, previously referred to as Fire 536 is on the Gold Creek Ridge and is estimated to be 25 acres.
Fire 512, 570, 571 and another small fire are in the Leecher Mountain area.  Fire 512 is estimated to be 35 acres.  Windy conditions prevented smoke jumpers from parachuting this morning so they are being driven to those fires.
Fire 530 is in the Huckleberry Creek, Sandy Butte area.  It is estimated to be less than 1 acre.
Fire 542 is in the Buck Mountain area and estimated at less than 1 acre.
Where the fires are within ½ to 1 mile of private lands, residents have received level 1 evacuation notification.  This includes residents in the Squaw Creek Drainage, North Fork of Gold Creek and South Fork of Gold Creek.  A level 1 notification is an initial notification to inform residents of the situation and the process which may follow.
To the east, the Tonasket Ranger District has reported no new fires.  Tonasket District did get rain in some areas this morning.
Type 1 and 2 incident management teams are being called in to help with the many lightning caused fires across the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. 
The red flag warning remains in effect until 11 p.m. today for wind and low relative humidity.