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Girl Bitten By Rattlesnake at Prince Creek 9/5/2012
A 7-year old girl was bitten by a snake up lake near Prince Creek Sunday afternoon- landing her in the Lake ChelanCommunityHospital for treatment.
Assistant Fire Chief, Rus Stamps, says the call came in about 5:00 PM Sunday evening.
The girls’ condition is unknown.
More than 8 thousand people are bitten by rattlesnakes each year, with less than ten deaths reported each year on average.
Nonetheless venomous snakes must be considered dangerous and even non-fatal bites can cause severe pain and long lasting tissue damage. A rattlesnake bite is a serious event, but by staying calm, following good procedures and using common sense, it doesn't have to be a fatal event.
In fact, Rattlesnake bites are generally not fatal. The signs and symptoms of poisoning often take several hours to develop. Reliable antivenins are available at virtually all medical facilities.
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