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Recreation Complex 8/30/2012

The Lake Chelan Recreation Development Foundation has announced they have received a donation of three acres of land for the future ChelanAquaticCenter now called the Lake Chelan Recreation and Community Center. The property is located in Chelan between Dietrich Road and Granite Ridge Road, next to Hwy 150. The generous donation of land came from Ted Schroth, the new owner of the Granite Ridge development now called Lookout.

The next step is a series of meetings to assemble a public relations group to spearhead a fund raising campaign to raise money for two separate funds. The first is the Legacy Fund, which will provide operation and maintenance money once the facility is built. This fund will be designed to make up the difference each year, if any, between gate receipts(user fees) and the actual operation and maintenance costs.
The second fund will be the Construction Fund. The Construction Fund will be made up of grants and donations, both direct and in-kind.
Fundraising will concentrate first on the Legacy Fund to solidify credibility for the future care of the facility, then shift to the Construction Fund for actually creation of the structure.
On Thursday September 13th a meeting will be held at the Chelan Fire Hall, second floor, at 7 p.m. to bring newcomers up to date on the project, explain current plans for the upcoming public relations campaign, and sign up people interested in participating in this exciting fund raising project. Refreshments will be served.