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Scam Alert 8/23/2012

WA State Department of Revenue has received a number of phone calls over the last few days from senior citizens who have been contacted by a telephone solicitor marketing reverse mortgages. The callers identify themselves as agents of “Seniors First” and their  target group appears to be Washington senior citizens.

As a lead-in to selling their product, the solicitor asks for personal information such as employment status, income, and age, under the guise of attempting to help the senior determine whether they qualify for our state’s property tax relief programs or for aid and assistance programs for veterans.  The solicitors imply that they are marketing these benefit programs on the state’s behalf.  This is NOT true.  

The information provided by the telemarketer to taxpayers is incorrect. Your County Assessor’s Office (667-6365) or the State Dept of Revenue are the only accurate information outlets for this exemption program.  Do not EVER give out personal information over the phone unless you are certain you have the correct office and YOU initiated the call.

Please contact the Chelan County Assessor office if you are solicited for this program (667-6365).  Any information you can provide regarding the caller will also be forwarded to the Attorney General’s Fraud division.