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Campfire Restrictions In Place 8/21/2012
Campfire and chainsaw restrictions remain in effect in ChelanCounty, due to poor fire conditions.
Each summer the Forest Service adopts increasing levels of campfire restrictions as conditions worsen and typically aren’t removed until fall rains- usually around September or October.
Escaped campfires historically have been the leading human cause of wildfires. However, campfires generally are not banned in developed campgrounds or classified wilderness until later in the summer when the hazard becomes more extreme because campgrounds tend to be well cleared of flammable vegetation and wilderness usually is at a higher elevation and is wetter than most roadside campsites.
Elka Missal, Public Information Officers with the Chelan Ranger District, told KOZI that with current conditions, people who are out in our forests need to use extreme caution.
In addition to campfire restrictions, Missal adds that the Forest Service has also increased the Industrial Fire Precaution Level for chainsaw use.
Anyone with questions regarding the restrictions can contact the Chelan Ranger District by calling 682-4900.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio