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Hayli's Take On Media Reports... 8/14/2012
My name is Hayli Libbey-Thompson, I am a News Correspondent for KOZI Radio Lake Chelan.
My intent with this article is to bring to light some details on what the News Department here at this community radio station does, and why we do it.
This article, as with others we put together, may have some grammatical errors, may have some composition issues and may even have a misspelling (especially when it comes to names)- I will never promise an error free article when it comes to those issues.
BUT, what I can promise is that my stories, as well as those from my News Director, Jay Witherbee, will be written with sensitivity, accuracy, and serve a purpose. My stories are not based on numbers of hits on the website, or how many Facebook likes I can stir up- those things don’t cross my mind, EVER.
You will never see a story from us primarily based on what someone thinks. If that's the only information we have on a story, it won't run. We don’t care if another news outlet publishes those stories- they can have them.
So, is it good journalism to report a story based on what someone thinks, or unconfirmed information? Well, I am no expert- never claimed to be and won’t brag about my award winning accomplishments with some fancy multi-million dollar company- I don’t have any- but I do know how to be sensitive and fair, and I know what real experts have to say about that very issue.
With the most recent story of the amazing 4-day search for Kyle Jaynes, the FACT is that the Sheriff’s Office has no further questions for the man who spent three nights by himself in light clothing and flip-flops without food or water. The FACT is that he returned to a cabin injured, dehydrated and alive.
What purpose does it serve to write a story about what I think happened to him while he was in the woods? Sure, we could come up with a great story about which rock he hit his head on, or what route he took when he crawled back to safety- but why? It’s not fact-  
Please take the time to listen to the two audio bits below- the first one is from the Jim Bohannon show. He is a broadcaster who has worked in both radio and television for more than three decades that Jay came across and reflects his priorities as a News Director for KOZI; and the second clip is of Chief Harris with the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office regarding Kyle Jaynes.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio