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Sheriff Officials Share Some of Kyle's Story 8/14/2012
The Chelan and Manson communities continue to celevrate Kyle Jaynes’ safe return after surviving four days in the rugged terrain near Canoe Creek- a remote area along the north shore of Lake Chelan.
According to a press release from the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office, Kyle was injured after tumbling down a steep bank and hitting his head on a rock after going out to relax and read a book.
Kyle was knocked unconscious for an undetermined amount of time and suffered a possible broken ankle and injured leg, and although his memory of the events that followed are somewhat jumbled, he told officials he did hear helicopters flying overhead as well as his name being called out and whistles blowing as searchers looked for him.
Kyle said he attempted to call back to them- but was suffering from dehydration and was unable to make enough noise to draw their attention.
He remained near a rock overhang, where he escaped the intense heat until nightfall and rolled out into the open, hoping to be seen by the searchers.
Kyle told emergency personnel that by Sunday evening he was able to get himself down to Lake Chelan where he drank some untreated water before crawling within yards of the cabin where he was able to yell for help.
KOZI is in contact with Kyle’s family and will continue to bring to light to this amazing story as they learn more from him. In the meantime, the family is asking for the opportunity to celebrate Kyle’s joyous return privately, as a family.