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Antoine 2 Fire Update 8/7/2012
The Antoine 2 Fire is located seven miles north of Chelan Washington. The fire started near Wells dam and is burning in both Chelan and Okanogan counties.  The fire is approximately 4,000 acres in size, burning in grass, brush and timber.  The fire started around noon on Sunday, the cause of the fire is under investigation.  The fire is burning on private, state, and federal lands and is 40% contained as of 6 PM Monday.  The containment level is a gauge of the confidence fire managers have that the fire will not escape containment lines.  Of the eleven miles of fire perimeter, only one mile of perimeter in Alta Coulee is not yet secured.  The fire did not grow significantly yesterday or last night.
Approximately 50 homes in the area of the fire are under on a level one evacuation level.  Level one means residents are on notice that there is an active fire in the area and a possibility of evacuation exists.    
Highway 97 was closed briefly on Monday when the fire jumped the highway.  It was re-opened when the fire danger passed.   There are no road closures in place currently; however highway 97 may be closed briefly when fire crews are working close to the road.   For more information on possible delays, please call the Dept. of Transportation at (509) 667-2800.   Alta Lake State Park is closed for public safety.
There are 354 people assigned to the fire working around the clock to fully contain the fire.  State Fire Mobilization was requested and approved on Sunday and resources started to arrive shortly thereafter.  The mobilization plan is implemented to provide a process to quickly notify, assemble and deploy fire service personnel, equipment and other resources from around the state when fires, disasters or other events exceed the capacity of local jurisdictions. 
There are three helicopters assigned to the fire along with two single engine air tankers which are much like large crop duster that can skim and draw water from lakes or rivers for delivery to the fire.
Overall management of the fire was turned over to type 2 Washington Interagency Incident Management Team #3 at 6 PM on Monday to relieve the local type 3 team who did an excellent job in stopping the fire.
The dry lightning forecasted for Monday did not develop.  Max temp today 98, minimum humidity 11 percent, winds from the northeast 6-10 mph, with stronger northwest winds expected later this afternoon.  There is a slight change of afternoon thunderstorms.
Base camp is located at the Brewster High School.