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Holden Mine 7/18/2012
Progress continues on the Holden Mine Cleanup  Project following the  official issuance of the site improvement and project plan approval.
The Forest Service and the EPA have jointly issued a Unilateral Administrative Order (UAO) to Intalco Aluminum for the Holden Mine Project near Lucerne on the upper end of Lake Chelan. The order requires Intalco to implement the  remedy identified in the January 2012, Record of Decision for the project. It is a guide for both the remedy implementation and post remedy actions including monitoring and maintenance.
One key site improvement for this season is the installation of the temporary bypass bridge across Railroad Creek. This bridge will help reroute project traffic to and from the mine site without having to travel through the neighboring Holden Village.
The Forest Service has also approved plans for the development of land based construction for the Lucerne Barge landing adjacent to the current Forest Service public dock at Lucerne. This prep work includes the development of a staging area, improvements to vehicle turnaround, and a marked pedestrian route for Lady of the Lake passengers and Holden Village visitors. This construction will not interfere will the Holden Village bus schedule or the Lady of theLake passenger ferry schedule.
These efforts are part of the early work in preparation for the major construction for the Holden Mine Remediation Project.
For more information about the Mine clean up visit:
Elka Missal
Information Assistant
Entiat and Chelan Ranger Districts