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Chelan's Finance Director Explains Bonds 7/16/2012
The Chelan City Council approved a bond ordinance last week that will allow Mayor Bob Goedde to sign a bond purchase order for the amount of more than 2 million dollars to pay off two city projects.
The funds from the bonds will pay for the remainder of the promissory note for the MasonicTempleBuilding that will soon house the public library as well as the City’s portion of the Shoreline Restoration Beach Enhancement Project.
The city received two matching fund grants totaling $1.5 million dollars- leaving a $1.7 million bill for the city to pay.
City of Chelan’s Finance Director, Cheryl Grant, told KOZI that D.A. Davidson solicited bids from four local financial institutions.
Grant admits that the subject of bonds can be confusing, adding that, although ultimately the voters are responsible for the bond, this particular one does not require voter approval.
Grant also adds that the City expects to pay the bonds off in less than the 15-years agreed on, and anticipates a savings of thousands of dollars in doing so.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio