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Foster Creek Fire Growing- Nears 1200-Acres 7/16/2012
Yesterdays thunderstorms and associated high winds created increased activity on the Foster Creek Fire.  This caused the fire to breach containment lines and grow in size to around 1180 acres. Aided by a KAMAX helicopter and extended hours into the evening, fire crews were able to hold the fire against a branch of Foster Creek.  A night shift of firefighters reported good progress on containment and holding of the fire, however there remains considerable heat within the fire line.  A Dozer will be working at extending containment lines today, and hand crews will be making efforts to extinguish heat within the perimeter of the fire. 
A strike team of 5 Department of Natural Resources Fire Engines and associated crews has arrived on the fire this morning to aid with suppression efforts.  In addition to this 2 new 10 person inmate hand crews have been ordered and are scheduled to arrive later today. The suppression efforts on this fire are a combination of Department of Natural Resources personnel, Douglas County Fire District personnel, US Forest Service, Federal Bureau of Land Management, and private contractors.
The public is being asked to use caution when driving on the Mansfield Cutoff or Bridgeport Hill Road as well as State Highway 17 from milepost 130 through 134 and in the Vicinity of the High School.  Please slow down in these areas to assist crew bosses with the safe deployment of resources to and from the fire. 
Each wildfire is a powerful reminder to be prepared now so your home is not in harms way; create defensible space free of shrubs and flammable materials.
Quick Facts
Approximately 2 air miles South of Bridgeport, WA.
Start Date:
Thursday July 12, 2012; approximately 10:00am
Approximately 1180 acres
6, 20 person hand crews
1, DOC inmate crew
6 engines w/ 3 person crews
1 Helicopter
1 Bulldozer
1 Water Tender
Total Personnel:
Approximately 164
Primarily Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), some Private Farm/Range land, and some Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
Please use caution when driving on the Bridgeport Hill Road and State Highway 17 from milepost 130 through 134.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio