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McNeil Fire at 120-acres- 50% Contained 7/15/2012
A citizen reported a fire on the west side of McNeil Canyon Rd. near Corral Creek Rd.  (approximately 4 miles north of Hwy. 97 on McNeil Canyon Rd.) just after 2:30 Sunday afternoon.
At this time the fire is approximately 120 acres in size.  The terrain in the area consists of steep canyons, brush, and some trees.   Douglas County Deputies closed McNeil Canyon Rd. to allow the 21 fire apparatus and 50 firefighters from Douglas and Chelan County to safely work on and near the road. 
Deputies delivered 15 level III evacuation notices to home owners (the levels go 1-3 from least serious to most serious).  It is unknown if any residents have actually left their homes.  The Red Cross has been notified but there has not yet been a need to establish a shelter. 
Fire officials advised that state assistance has been requested but approval has not been granted.  The only structure loss has been one outbuilding.  Fire officials advised that all homes are secure at this time.  The fire is reported to be about 50% contained and wind in the area has calmed.


A general rule for fire evacuation notices is as follows:
Level 1-Get ready.  Be aware of the fire.  Make plans for yourself and your family in case evacuation becomes necessary.  Make arrangements for removal of any livestock or animals. 
Level 2-Get set.  Prepare to evacuate.  Have clothing and supplies packed.  Make sure your vehicle has fuel.
Level 3-Go.  Fire is nearby and the threat is imminent.