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New Ranger For Chelan Ranger District 7/11/2012
Chelan Ranger District welcomed a new face, in Kari Grover-Wier, who became the new ranger for the District on Monday.
Grover-Wier has worked with the Forest Service for 23 years, and is replacing Bob Sheehan, who served as the Chelan Ranger District for 12 years and retired June 1.
And, although none of the recent fires are located within the nearly 400 thousand acre Chelan Ranger District, Grover-Wier admits that starting a job in a community affected by ongoing fires, was a little out of the ordinary.
Grover-Wier adds that although Chelan is a unique district with a 55-mile long lake, it is something she is very comfortable, having served as a hydrologist on the Lowman Ranger District in the Boise national Forest in Oregon.
Grover-Wier began her career with the Forest Service in 1989 after graduating from UtahStateUniversity with a bachelor’s degree in Watershed science.
KOZI welcomes Kari Grover-Wier, to the Chelan Ranger District, and of course, to our community.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio