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Fire Crews Packing Up And Moving Out 7/11/2012
The final acreage for the Navarre Fire is 800 acres; the fire is 100 percent contained.
The Incident Management Team (IMT) has completed the mission and met the objectives set by host agencies. Most of the fire personnel will return to their home units today or will be reassigned to other incidents.  Remaining fire crews will continue to focus on mop-up and rehabilitating the area to reduce the impacts of the firelines.  This includes creating diagonal ridges along bulldozer and hand lines on slopes to divert water flow and help reduce erosion until vegetation returns.  There will be additional actions prior to the fall, such as grass seeding to stabilize disturbed soils.
Crews will work to ensure there is no heat within 300 feet of the containment lines and within 500 feet of any structures.  There will be no night shift on the fireline.  Pockets of unburned fuels may continue to be consumed in the interior of the fire; it is possible smoke may be visible for some time.  Local agencies will patrol throughout the summer.
Despite difficult terrain and high temperatures, fire fighter morale was high and performance was excellent.  There were two minor injuries during this incident.  
The incident command post at the Chelan Community Gym will be closed today.  The IMT would like to thank the Chelan School District for their hospitality during this fire.  Our gratitude also extends to the residents of City of Chelan and the surrounding area for their cooperation, patience and support during fire suppression activities.
Fire season is just beginning in Washington.  Firefighters count on the public to help reduce risk.  When residents of a fire prone community clear brush, trees and other flammable materials away from their homes, it helps keep residents and firefighters safe.  More information on what can be done around homes in fire prone communities can be found at
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio