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District 6 & Twisp Closer To Fire Contract?? 6/29/2012
Okanogan County Fire District 6 and the Town of Twisp have agreed on at least one thing- that the district will automatically respond to any calls for fire protection in Twisp for one week- in hopes that a contract can be finalized in that time.
The two entities have been unable to agree on much over the past several months, and with a fire truck taken out of commission and the volunteer numbers dropping- the Town of Twisp is searching for an answer.
Under the most recent proposal, the town of Twisp would turn fire protection services over to the district for a monthly fee of $2,273.
District 6 Fire Chief, Don Waller, says the ongoing negotiations are starting to take their toll on the commissioners.
District 6 is claiming that Twisp has not been willing to pay the district for fire protection, while the town officials say that District 6 uses the Twisp Fire station and doesn’t pay any rent or utilities.
Both boards are hoping a conclusion is reached in the near future.
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