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Douglas County Deputies Stop Burglary 6/22/2012
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office interrupted a burglary in progress at Specialty Chemical Products in Rock Island early yesterday morning.  
The owners of the business were alerted by surveillance cameras and called RiverCom dispatch about 6:30 AM to report a burglary in progress.  Deputies arrived on the scene within minutes and spotted a suspect vehicle parked near the fence of the business. 
One suspect was entering a building and a second was preparing to follow when he was captured by the Deputy.  BackupDouglasCounty and East Wenatchee P.D. officers arrived to assist in the search for the second intruder. 
A tracking dog was deployed but could not locate the second suspect..  The dog did find clothing and ammunition which it is believed belonged to the fleeing person.  Investigators found that the padlock to the gate had been cut and there was a crowbar on the ground nearby. 
The captured suspect was identified as David A. Sproul, 50 years old of Wenatchee.  He was booked at the ChelanCounty Jail.  The second suspect was identified but has not yet been located.