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Bridgeport To Own Water Rights 6/4/2012
The City of Bridgeport is getting more than they bargained for from the State Department of Ecology – who has offered the city their choice of water rights.
The offer comes after the pair reached an agreement in April that will bring water rights to the city in exchange for the dropping of a lawsuit filed nearly two years ago.
The lawsuit stems from a water rights battle between the two that dates back to 1967 when the Department of Ecology changed their water rights procedures and eventually determined that Bridgeport would receive 500 acre feet of water per year.
According to the lawsuit, Bridgeport figures show that they should have received more than 1200 acre feet per year.
Bridgeport Mayor, Marylin Lynn, tells us that the wording on the agreement was for the DOE to choose the water rights option- so it came as a pleasant surprise to the city to have the opportunity to choose.
The Department of Ecology is promising an additional 599 acre feet per year- which translates into nearly 160 new connections.
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