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Craven's Amended Letter Raises Concerns 5/31/2012
An amended Notice of Discharge issued to former Chelan elementary teacher K.C. Craven by the Lake Chelan School District is raising concerns among some who believe changes to the document do not accurately reflect the seriousness of charges. Negotiated changes in document language eliminated direct mention of sexual misconduct by the once popular teacher that had been on paid administrative leave for over a year.
Craven accepted the amended termination notice, dated May 14, and agreed to withdraw his appeal of discharge as part of a negotiated separation agreement with the School District. ChelanSchool Superintendent Rob Manahan said the changes in language were necessary for the school district to be able to respond appropriately and legally when presented with state required sexual misconduct forms.
Craven’s original termination notice, delivered last October following a six month independent investigation, specifically spelled out multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.  The amended version instead alleges he “engaged in conduct with high school students that violate WAC 181-87-080,” the states administrative code regarding sexual misconduct with students.
Titled “Sexual Misconduct With Student” the code describes sexual misconduct as “any sexual advance, verbal or physical, sexual intercourse, indecent exposure or sexual contact, i.e. the intentional touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of a student…”
The amended termination letter also states, as did the original, that Craven provided alcohol to students or minors or allowed them to drink alcohol at his home, engaged in “boundary invasion behaviors” with students, and engaged in insubordination, and a pattern of inappropriate behavior toward students.
The May 14th negotiated settlement included a “Separation and Release Agreement” signed by both Craven and the school distinct which states:                           “this Agreement should not be construed as an admission                                            by either party of any liability or wrongdoing.” 
Craven withdrew his termination appeal in exchange for one year’s pay, about $55,000.
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