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Cottage Food Act Effective Soon 5/16/2012
Small bakers, jelly makers and granola mixers can rejoice- as the state prepares to adopt new rules that would allow for direct sales of certain low risk foods made in home kitchens. The new law could allow potentially hundreds of new small businesses into farmers markets and other direct sales venues.
John Kelly, Communications Director for the State Department of Agriculture tells us that up to this point, all foods intended for sale to the public were required to be produced in licensed commercial kitchens.
The Legislature adopted the Cottage Food Act last year, and the WSDA has been working on specific rules necessary to implement the law.
Kelly admits that the draft rules don’t result in a free pass- it stipulates which foods may be produced.
Products allowed for sale under the draft rule include: breads, cakes, cookies, granola, nuts, jams and jellies as well as other low-risk products.
For more information on the proposed rules to the Cottage Food Act, click:
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio