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Manson's Roses Lake Yields Record Trout 5/7/2012
On April 11th- Kirk Herin, of Manson, became a State record holder for a Tiger Trout he caught in RosesLake in Manson.
The 15.04 pound fish weighed in more than a pound higher than the previous state record, held by Evan Roda, set in 2008 out of FishLake in SpokaneCounty.
Kirk tells KOZI that the catch came as a surprise- because he wasn’t out to catch the record Tiger Trout that day.
And, although this will be Kirk’s first official record fish in the books- he says this is not the first time he has had a record fish in his boat.
Once official, Kirk’s record Tiger Trout will be the second record holder from ChelanCounty- a 2001 record, held by John Hossack for a 35.44 pound Lake Trout came from Lake Chelan.
We have posted the picture of Kirk’s record breaking Tiger Trout on our website as well as our Facebook Page.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio