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Free Fifth Avenue Performance In Manson 5/7/2012
Have you ever dreamt of being a Gold Prospector?
Tomorrow night, the MansonSchool District is inviting you to join them as they take a journey through the life of a Gold Prospector with a theater production of KLONDIKE! The Great Alaskan Gold Rush.
The story starts back in 1897, when the steamer Portland docked in Seattle's harbor with seventy men carrying Yukon River gold. Their fantastic stories coursed through the city streets, promising wealth to anyone who could get to the Klondike, and the great rush was on!
You are invited to watch the professional performance as prospectors take on the unimaginable challenges they faced in their quests to strike it rich.
Manson Elementary Principal, Heather Ireland, tells KOZI listeners that the production is put on by Adventure Musical Theater Touring Company, which is part of Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theater.
Since 1994, the Adventure Musical Theater Touring Company has brought the wonder and joy of live musical theater to students throughout WashingtonState.
Klondike! The Great Alaskan Gold Rush will be performed tomorrow evening starting at 5:30 PM at the Manson Elementary- and you are invited.
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