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Lake Chelan Meets May 1 Target Water Level 5/3/2012
Despite early prediction by ChelanCounty PUD officials that the water level in Lake Chelan would not meet the May 1st target elevation – it did, barely.
The water sat at 1087.87 above sea level on Tuesday, just more than three inches above the PUD’s target.
PUD Resource Engineer, Scott Buehn, told Kozi listeners that the focus will now turn to the June 1st target that will add about 2 more feet to the lake.
Buehn adds that as part of the PUD’s FERC- (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) license to operate the Lake Chelan hydro plant, there are seven operating objectives and minimum target elevations from May 1st to October 1st.
As a result of the higher water level, two more of the lake’s boat launches back in service:  Chelan Riverwalk park and OldMillPark in Manson.
The pair of launches will join MansonBay boat launch in the open status, leaandLake ChelanState Park, Lakeshore Marina and 25-mile Creek State Park are expected  to open with the June 1st target level.
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"CLICK HERE" for Audio