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Deputies Keep Prepared For SAR Missions 5/3/2012
What do a Mountain Climber stranded in a canyon, a hiker lost in the wilderness and a driver lost with their car stuck in a ditch along a remote back country road have in common? They will all likely result in the aid from local Search and Rescue Crews. And with the large number of year-round outdoor opportunities available in our region, assistance from ChelanCounty’s SAR unit is bound to happen.
The ChelanCounty Sheriff’s Office is responsible for all Search & Rescue incidents within its jurisdiction and maintains the Special Operations Search and Rescue (SAR) Unit as its primary response resource.
The unit is composed of full time employees who are trained in the Incident Command System, outdoor survival and navigation, and the use of specialized equipment. Unit members are equipped to serve individually as Incident Commanders and are available for immediate response to assist victims in isolated or difficult terrain and wilderness areas as a team. The unit also coordinates closely with Chelan County Volunteer Services.
ChelanCounty Sergeant, Rob Huddleston, tells us that deputies keep a 24-hour response pack with them loaded with enough stuff to keep them in the wilderness overnight.
You can decrease your chances of becoming a search and rescue victim by following a few tips- Never travel alone, let someone know where your group is going and when you will return, be aware of the weather conditions, wear proper clothing, carry a pack with the essentials, including survival gear, and stop if your trip appears hazardous at any time to anyone in your group.
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