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Janey Makes Fiber Optic Recommendation 4/9/2012
ChelanCounty PUD Board of Commissioners will hold a special meeting this evening at 5 PM with the sole purpose to listen to General Manager, John Janey present his recommendation on the direction for the future of the PUD’s fiber optic network.
Chelan County PUD has executed a very extensive strategic planning process for the fiber optic network that included a telephone survey, focus groups, interviewing of service providers and various meetings, and is now ready to make a recommendation for commissioner consideration.
Interim Managing Director of Fiber & Telecom Business Unit, Chris Church, says the PUD hosted a series of public meetings in March, where they presented three alternatives that are under consideration.
That Special meeting is set for 5 PM tonight, at the PUD Auditorium in Wenatchee.
Action is not expected at this evening’s meeting, but will likely come during the regular board meeting set for Monday, April 16th.
PUD Commissioners also have a special meeting of the Tri-Commission set for tomorrow at 1 PM with representatives from Chelan CountyPUD, ChelanCounty and the Port of Chelan County.
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