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Meeting For Holden Mine Clean-Up Project 4/6/2012
Officials from Rio Tinto, the company responsible for the Holden Mine Clean-Up, will host a public meeting next Wednesday at Campbell’s Resort.
Project Manager, Dave Cline, says the purpose of the meeting is to update the community on the Holden Mine project.
Rio Tinto’s search for a barge ramp proved to be a source of contention for residents along the shores of Lake Chelan but Cline says they have now settled upon on a pair of locations for down lake operations.
The Holden Mine was operated by Howe Sound Mining Co., which mined copper, zinc, gold and silver there from 1938 to 1957. It left behind some 300,000 cubic yards of waste rock and 8.5 million tons of mine tailings on 90 acres.
The clean-up will include cutting a channel into bedrock to relocate about a half mile of Railroad Creek, and stabilizing tailings and  waste rock, with the major work for the project to occur in 2013 and 2014.
Again, that community meeting will be held next Wednesday, April 11th at Campbells Resort in Chelan beginning at 4 PM.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio