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Inamorata Nearly Hits Shore 3/21/2012
The inamorata unexpectedly moved down lake yesterday when winds nearing 30 miles per hour pushed the boat, anchor and all, more than 300 yards from where it has been sitting through winter.
The slow moving vessel caught the eye of law enforcement, who watched the boat until it was less than the length of a football field from the shore near Campbell’s Resort, before launching the Chelan County Marine Patrol boat to help with the situation.
By the time the Marine Patrol made it to the inamorata, a pontoon was attached and attempting to gain enough power and momentum to return it to its previous anchor site, which is near the Chelan Marina.
Assistance from Chelan County Marine Patrol was turned down, but it took several hours for the boat to be re-secured in its rightful place.
We will be posting some photos of the ordeal, which took place over several hours, on our website and facebook page.