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Kuntz At Manson Grange Tomorrow 3/16/2012
Wenatchee Mayor, Frank Kuntz will be the at the Manson Grange tomorrow afternoon trying to convince community members to vote to raise sales to save the Town Toyota Center.
Mayor Kuntz remains the leader in the campaign to resolve the TownToyotaCenter’s financial struggles after the arena went into default last December. The City of Wenatchee is not able to keep up with interest and principle payments on the event centers 42 million dollar debt and is asking neighboring jurisdictions to pitch in and help. The event center, while popular, does not generate enough revenue to keep its doors open without additional financial support.   
Mayor Kuntz says he was invited to attend the Manson Grange Meeting to share Wenatchee’s plan to save the TownToyotaCenter.
The Wenatchee City Council voted to impose a 0.2 percent sales tax within its own jurisdiction, and now turns to the remaining 8 jurisdictions that make up the Public Facilities District, to approve a district wide 0.1 percent sales tax increase. The tax increase measure will be on the April 17th ballot which should be in your mailbox at the end of this month.
If approved, the tax would be used to pay off the $42 million debt and assure the ill-fated event center sufficient revenue for daily operations.
If you would like to hear more from Wenatchee Mayor Frank you are invited to attend the public meeting:  tomorrow, at the Manson Grange Hall @ 1 PM
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