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Manson Firefighters Fight Fire With Fire 3/8/2012
It may be winter still according to the calendar but a few days of sun and little wind dried out grass cover just enough to create conditions to support a small running fire yesterday in Manson.  Chelan County Fire District 5 used fire to fight fire to help a landowner corral a small blaze that had gotten out of hand.
Manson District 5 Fire Chief Arnold Baker says his crews responded about 11 AM yesterday to a report of an uncontrolled burn near Division Street where they discovered a small, slow moving fire that was outside of the landowners comfort zone.
Chief Baker added that it is always better to be safe than sorry-- don’t wait until your burn pile grows completely out of hand-- if you aren’t feeling comfortable with it, call in the experts.
Also remember there are statewide burning regulations that must be adhered to. Burning restrictions vary greatly from area to area depending upon fuel conditions and the time of year. Before you burn it is always a good idea to notify your local fire department. In Chelan call the business line @ 682-4476 and in Manson you can call 687-3222
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