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Manahan Talks Graduation Rates & Passion 3/6/2012
Graduation rates are a fundamental indicator of whether or not the nation’s public school system is doing what it is intended to do: enroll, engage, and educate youth to be productive members of society.
Since almost 90 percent of the fastest-growing and highest-paying jobs require some postsecondary education, having a high school diploma and the skills to succeed in college and the workplace are essential. Yet nationally, one-third of students leave high school without a diploma.
But it’s a different story for ChelanHighSchool- where nearly every student earns a diploma.
Chelan Superintendent, Rob Manahan says ChelanHigh School’s graduation rate sits well above the state average, which is 75%.
And those numbers were no accident- they represent a district-wide effort to provide academic support for students.
Superintendent Manahan admits that having a hand in the education of students if very rewarding, and something he is very passionate about.
ChelanHigh School graduation will be held Friday, June 8th, with Chelan Prep graduation on Monday, June 11th.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio