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Manson Honors Nominees For Excellence 3/6/2012
The Manson School Board is asking the community for nominations of Manson School District Staff Members who have made a significant contribution to the lives of students and/or the greater Manson community.
Nomination forms are now available for the Blue & White Excellence Awards on the School District website,, and will be accepted until Friday March 16th.
One Elementary teacher, one secondary teacher, and one support staff member will be selected by the school board from nominations submitted by community members including other teachers, staff and students.
Manson High School Senior, Luis Vasquez is soliciting nominations from fellow students as part of his senior year project.
District Superintendent, Matt Charlton says the school board will be reviewing nominations and will announce the winners at the next school board meeting set for Monday, March 26th.
Past recipients of the Blue and White Awards include Sheri LaMar in 2008
and Carolyn Mason, Heather Teague and Patty Stracener last year.
Again the deadline for nominations for this years Blue and White Excellence Awards is Friday, March 16th.  Nomination forms are available on the MansonSchool District website at .and can be submitted online or in person at the school.
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