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Bridgeport City Seeks Help To Save Park 3/5/2012
With lawmakers in Olympia struggling to balance a budget that is billions of dollars out of whack, state agencies are facing reduced budgets and looking for ways to cut costs.
Washington State Parks is going to have to decide how to handle a deficit of roughly $11 million in their budget. To start, they have announced plans to shave 161 jobs within the agency – and are considering reducing several state parks from year-round staffing to seasonal staffing.
BridgeportState Park on RufusWoodsLake behind Chief Joseph Dam is included on the list of parks scheduled for cuts in staffing. The 748-acre camping park on the Columbia River closes seasonally for the winter but in the past has maintained year-staff staffing for maintenance and security.
City of Bridgeport Mayor, Marilynn Lynn is seeking support letters in hopes of convincing the State Parks Commission to keep the park staffed year-round.
If you are interested in voicing your opinion regarding the BridgeportState Park year-round staffing status, you can send a letter to Don Hoch at 1111 Isreal Rd.SW  Olympia, WA98504.
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