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Carbon Copy Tickets: A Thing Of The Past 3/2/2012
The Chelan County Sheriff’s Office is keeping up with the times, offering their deputies instant access to records and personal information during traffic stops by scanning barcodes on driver’s licenses.
SunGard Public Sector offers software solutions designed to keep public safety in the forefront, providing constant and rapid connections with emergency responders, law enforcement personnel, dispatch telecommunicators and citizens.
More than 120 million citizens in North America live in municipalities that rely on the services of SunGard Public Sector, including ChelanCounty Sheriff’s Office.
Chelan County Sheriff Brian Burnett told community members at last week’s Citizen Advisory Meeting, held in Chelan, that this new system is a far cry from the carbon copy tickets of the old days.
Sheriff Burnett adds that the e-ticket system solves several problems that are encountered with hand written tickets, accuracy being one of them. Everything is completely legible, printed from a computer inside the deputies vehicles.
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