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Chelan Council Approves Tax For Vote 2/24/2012
 By a vote of 4-2 the Chelan City Council gave their approval last night to a regional vote on a sales tax increase to bail out the TownToyotaCenter.
Council members have shown resistance to the tax proposal aimed at helping pay off the nearly $42 million dollar debt associated with the TownToyotaCenter.
Council members Mike Steele and Erin McCardle who have been outspoken on the issue, maintained their opposition, voting against the tax measure.
The Wenatchee and Rock Island councils matched the action of Chelan last night, voting at their own meetings to allow the election. All nine councils and commissions that make up the Wenatchee Events Center Public Facilities District have now agreed to allow a public vote on a 0.1-percent sales tax increase.
But before the tax increase can be put before the voters, legislation in the House of Representative in Olympia needs to be approved. The bill that would give the City of Wenatchee the authority to impose a .2 percent sales tax increase without a public vote is expected to pass the House by Monday, paving the way for the new agreement that will enable the PFD to keep the troubled arena afloat.
In addition to Wenatchee’s .2% council-matic sales tax increase, the .1% increase must pass, district wide by a simple majority.