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Schools Celebrate Passing Levies 2/21/2012
The results are still preliminary but most of the school districts in Chelan, Okanogan and DouglasCounties are feeling confident with the results from last weeks Special Election.
Friday marked the second round of ballot counting, changing some results slightly –
In ChelanCounty, Entiat passed their replacement levy with 66% yes votes.
In OkanoganCounty, Pateros is sitting at a 59% approval while Brewster is passing with 63% and Bridgeport with 64% yes votes.
DouglasCounty shows Mansfield with a whopping 82% yes votes and Orondo with 61% - Waterville’s levy to replace the roof is passing with 62% and their Maintenance and operations levy is barely hanging on, sitting right at the required 60% approval.
Brewster Superintendent, Eric Driessen, says he understands how hard it is to mark yes on some of the ballots in our difficult economy, but adds that it means a lot to the school district.
The final election results will be certified on February 28th.
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