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Lampe Supports Him, Wait, No He Doesn't 1/12/2012
In a surprising turn of events, Okanogan County Commissioner, Andy Lampe signed a letter opposing Jay Kehne’s appointment to the state Fish and Wildlife Commission just 6 months after he sent a letter supporting the appointment.
The appointment of Kehne came under fire in early January by Okanogan County Republicans, who say he’s a wolf advocate and does not reflect Eastern Washington views and have called for his resignation as well as that of Commissioner Lampe.
Kehne says he considers Commissioner Lampe a friend and asked him for a letter of support last Spring, adding he feels that Lampe is now being bullied as a result of that letter.
The latest letter to Gov. Chris Gregoire, dated January 3rd, 2012, was signed by all three Okanogan County Commissioners and explains their reasons for opposing Kehne’s appointment.
In the letter, commissioners wrote … “We see no value in putting a closed minded person who is evidently capable of spewing this sort of vitriolic rhetoric in defense of his paycheck on the Game Commission under the guise of being a hunter from Eastern Washington.” -  “we absolutely oppose his appointment to the Fish and Game Commission.” 
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