Single Vehicle accident, minor injuries, blocking traffic, about 2 1/2 miles up Boyd Rd. towards Echo Valley. Drive safely out there, the roads are slushy and slippery.      
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+ News for 2014

Tuesday AM News 11/25/1411/25/2014
North Cascades Highway Closed For Winter11/24/2014
Flags Lowered to Half-Staff11/21/2014
Pat & Mike's Accident11/20/2014
Wanapum Reservoir Begins Filling11/19/2014
Monday 11/17/14 Classroom Connection11/18/2014
Health Report: The Perfect Breakfast Smoothie11/17/2014
Monday AM News 11/17/1411/17/2014
Chelan Middle School Students of the Month11/17/2014
Monday 11/17/14 Classroom Connection11/17/2014
Burn Ban in Effect November 16th11/15/2014
Pateros Open House 11/1811/14/2014
Health Report: Ways to Boost Your Memory11/14/2014
Friday AM News 11/14/1411/14/2014
Friday 11/14/14 Classroom Connection11/14/2014
Health Report: November is Diabetes Awareness Month11/13/2014
Thursday AM News 11/13/1411/13/2014
Thursday 11/13/14 Classroom Connection11/13/2014
CMS/CHS building recycling/composting project11/12/2014
Health Report: How to Snack Healthy11/12/2014
Wednesday AM News 11/12/1411/12/2014
Wednesday 11/12/14 Classroom Connection11/12/2014
Health Report: How to Cope with PTSD11/11/2014
Tuesday AM News 11/11/14 *Happy Veteran's Day!*11/11/2014
Tuesday 11/11/14 Classroom Connection11/11/2014
Health Report: Tips for People Who Sit at a Desk All Day11/10/2014
Monday AM News 11/10/1411/10/2014
Chelan Goats Hold Rally for Former Teammate11/10/2014
Monday 11/10/14 Classroom Connection11/10/2014
11 members of the Chelan FFA traveled to the Volunteer11/7/2014
Updated Election Results “Sink” New Hospital Proposal11/7/2014
Health Report: How to Prevent Heart Disease11/7/2014
Friday AM News 11/7/1411/7/2014
Friday 11/07/14 Classroom Connection11/7/2014
Thursday 11/06/14 Classroom Connection11/6/2014
Wednesday 11/05/14 Classroom Connection11/5/2014
Lake Chelan Home Watch Celebrates Grand Opening11/4/2014
Chelan Burglary Suspect Arrested11/4/2014
Health Report: How to Cope with Shorter Days11/4/2014
Tuesday AM News 11/4/1411/4/2014
Tuesday 11/04/14 Classroom Connection11/4/2014
Health Report: People Crying Ebola...When it Isn't11/3/2014
Monday AM News 11/3/1411/3/2014
Monday 11/03/14 Classroom Connection11/3/2014
WSDOT Wants You to Be Safe With Days Getting Darker10/31/2014
Health Report: Keep Halloween Safe for Your Kids & Pets!10/31/2014
Friday 10/31/14 Classroom Connection10/31/2014
Health Report: The Teal Pumpkin Project Helps Kids with Alle10/30/2014
Chelan/Douglas County Employment Projections10/30/2014
Entiat Assault Involved a Hatchet and Baseball Bat10/30/2014
Thursday 10/30/14 Classroom Connection10/30/2014
CMS/CHS New School lunch compost program10/29/2014
Health Report: Low Carb Diet10/29/2014
Wednesday 10/29/14 Classroom Connection10/29/2014
Health Report: Seasonal Affective Disorder10/28/2014
Tuesday 10/28/14 Classroom Connection10/28/2014
Health Report: Be Safe on Halloween10/27/2014
Monday 10/27/14 Classroom Connection10/27/2014
Wednesday 10/22/14 Classroom Connection10/22/2014
Tuesday 10/21/14 Classroom Connection10/21/2014
Health Report: What not to Eat Before a Workout10/21/2014
Tuesday AM News 10/21/1410/21/2014
Health Report: How to Keep Your Kids from Overeating Hallowe10/21/2014
Monday AM News 10/20/1410/21/2014
Monday 10/20/14 Classroom Connection10/20/2014
Health Report: Different Kinds of Flu Strains 10/17/2014
Friday AM News 10/17/1410/17/2014
Health Report: Some Fats Are Good For You10/17/2014
Friday 10/17/14 Classroom Connection10/17/2014
Thursday AM News 10/16/1410/16/2014
Important Invitation from Kevin Abel10/16/2014
North Shore Bible Church in Manson is ....10/16/2014
Thursday 10/16/14 Classroom Connection10/16/2014
Wednesday 10/15/14 Classroom Connection10/15/2014
Health Report: The Spices of Autumn are Actually Good For Yo10/15/2014
Wednesday AM News 10/15/1410/15/2014
Health Report: Ebola Preparedness in Washington State 10/14/2014
Tuesday AM News 10/14/1410/14/2014
Health Report: Less Active Women are at Risk for Stroke10/14/2014
Monday AM News 10/13/1410/14/2014
Tuesday 10/14/14 Classroom Connection10/14/2014
Monday 10/13/14 Classroom Connection10/13/2014
LC Hospital Meeting October 20th10/10/2014
Health Report: Diet Soda is Not Exactly Diet at All10/10/2014
Friday AM News 10/10/1410/10/2014
Friday 10/10/14 Classroom Connection10/10/2014
LCCH Foundation Receives Major Gift10/9/2014
Thursday 10/09/14 Classroom Connection10/9/2014
Health Report: Your Love of Coffee is in Your DNA10/8/2014
Wednesday AM News 10/8/1410/8/2014
Wednesday 10/08/14 Classroom Connection10/8/2014
Tuesday AM News 10/7/1410/7/2014
Free Dental Bus for Adults10/7/2014
Public Nomination for the 2014-15 10/7/2014
Tuesday 10/07/14 Classroom Connection10/7/2014
Monday 10/06/14 Classroom Connection10/6/2014
Friday 10/03/14 Classroom Connection10/3/2014
Thursday 10/02/14 Classroom Connection10/2/2014
Health Report: Bilingualism Helps with Brain Functions10/1/2014
Wednesday AM News 10/1/1410/1/2014
Wednesday 10/01/14 Classroom Connection10/1/2014
Tuesday AM News 9/30/149/30/2014
Tuesday 09/30/14 Classroom Connection9/30/2014
Health Report: The Flu9/29/2014
Monday AM News 9/29/149/29/2014
Monday 09/29/14 Classroom Connection9/29/2014
Friday 09/26/14 Classroom Connection9/26/2014
Chelan County Voters Forum 9/30/149/25/2014
Health Report: Sodium In Our Diet is Too High9/25/2014
AM News Thursday 9/25/149/25/2014
Thursday 09/25/14 Classroom Connection9/25/2014
Wednesday 09/24/14 Classroom Connection9/24/2014
Health Report: A Possible New Therapy to Detect Autism9/23/2014
Tuesday AM News 9/23/149/23/2014
Tuesday 09/23/14 Classroom Connection9/23/2014
Health Report: New Technology Coming to LCCH9/22/2014
Monday AM News 9/22/149/22/2014
Monday 09/22/14 Classroom Connection9/22/2014
Friday 09/19/14 Classroom Connection9/19/2014
Health Report: New Test May Allow Easier HPV Testing9/18/2014
Thursday AM News 9/18/149/18/2014
Thursday 09/18/14 Classroom Connection9/18/2014
Health Report: Domestic Violence9/17/2014
Wednesday AM News 9/17/149/17/2014
Wednesday 09/17/14 Classroom Connection9/17/2014
Health Report: Daily Commute9/16/2014
Tuesday AM News 9/16/149/16/2014
Tuesday 09/16/14 Classroom Connection9/16/2014
Health Report: Emergency Contacts9/15/2014
Monday AM News 9/15/149/15/2014
Monday 09/15/14 Classroom Connection9/15/2014
Health Report: Suicide Rates are High in Washington9/12/2014
Friday AM News 9/12/20149/12/2014
Friday 09/12/14 Classroom Connection9/12/2014
Thursday 09/11/14 Classroom Connection9/11/2014
Health Report: Sedatives May Lead To Alzheimer's9/11/2014
Thursday AM News 9/11/149/11/2014
Governor Files FEMA Appeal9/11/2014
Health Report: Valuable Protein in Breast Milk9/10/2014
Wednesday AM News 9/10/149/10/2014
Wednesday 09/10/14 Classroom Connection9/10/2014
Health Report: Respiratory Virus in Children Confirmed in 109/9/2014
Tuesday AM News 9/9/149/9/2014
Tuesday 09/09/14 Classroom Connection9/9/2014
Human Remains Identified as Male9/8/2014
Health Report: Oral Health Experiment9/8/2014
Monday 09/08/14 Classroom Connection9/8/2014
Health Report: Fair Food9/5/2014
Friday AM News 9/5/149/5/2014
Friday 09/05/14 Classroom Connection9/5/2014
Thursday 09/04/14 Classroom Connection9/5/2014
Health Report: Food Poisoning9/4/2014
Thursday AM News 9/4/149/4/2014
Health Report: Super Foods9/3/2014
Wednesday Morning News 9/3/20149/3/2014
Wednesday 09/03/14 Classroom Connection9/3/2014
Health Report: Immunizations9/2/2014
Tuesday AM News 9/2/149/2/2014
Monday 09/01/14 Classroom Connection9/1/2014
Red Cross Available9/1/2014
Body Found in Manson 8/29/2014
Chelan Man Charged with Rape8/29/2014
Duncan Fire Update After Yesterday's Burnout8/29/2014
Health Report: Labor Day Safety8/29/2014
Methow Valley School Board Meeting8/29/2014
Pateros School Board Meeting8/29/2014
Health Report: Medical Marijuana vs. Prescription Painkiller8/28/2014
AAA Travel Projections8/28/2014
Wolfpack in Stevens County8/28/2014
Wednesday Morning News 8/278/27/2014
Monday Morning News 8/258/25/2014
Pushing FEMA to Reconsider8/21/2014
Monday AM News 8/18/148/18/2014
FEMA Appeal Worksheet8/18/2014
Fill The Bus Event8/14/2014
Okanogan County Sheriff's Vehicles8/13/2014
Chiwaukum Complex Update 8/138/13/2014
Upper Falls/Carlton Complex Update 8/138/13/2014
Community Meeting: Methow Valley8/12/2014
Chiwaukum Complex Fire Update-8/128/12/2014
Air Quality Advisory-August 12th8/12/2014
Upper Falls Fire Update-8/118/11/2014
Carlton Complex Fire Update 8/118/11/2014
Special Meeting Notice: Pateros School Board8/5/2014
Chiwaukum Fire Complex Update-8/5 10AM8/5/2014
Carlton Complex Update-8/5 8AM8/5/2014
Red Cross Works One-on-One8/5/2014
Landline Telephone and 911 Service Outage8/4/2014
Give Wisely8/2/2014
Nurse Suspended 8/1/2014
Medicaid Help for Wildfire Victims8/1/2014
Smoke Plume Yesterday7/31/2014
Most Bats don't have Rabies7/31/2014
East Zone: Carlton Complex Update 7/317/31/2014
Demobilizing of crews has started as the South Zone of the C7/31/2014
Carlton Complex Fire: 7/30, 10AM Update7/30/2014
Chiwaukum Fire Complex Community Meeting7/30/2014
97A Closure with Detour Wednesday7/29/2014
CenturyLink restores 911, phone and internet service after f7/29/2014
July 29-Carlton Complex East Zone Update7/29/2014
Red Cross Update7/29/2014
Carlton Complex Fire Update 7/287/28/2014
Donation Information7/25/2014
072514 Friday 7/25/2014
072514 Friday AM Update7/25/2014
Chiwaukum Fire/Mill Canyon Complex 7/247/24/2014
Lone Mountain Fire, Stehekin Area 7/247/24/2014
072414 Thursday7/24/2014
WED JUL 23 20147/23/2014
State of Washington Emergency News7/23/2014
072314 Wednesday AM News7/23/2014
072314 Wednesday AM News7/23/2014
Rain & Wildfire7/22/2014
072214 Tuesday AM News7/22/2014
Red Cross Shelters7/21/2014
Chelan Valley Evacutaion Notice7/19/2014
7/19 Saturday News7/19/2014
Friday July 18, 2014 Gebbers Farms – Brewster, Washington7/19/2014
Carlton Complex Fire Update 7/187/18/2014
Carlton Complex Fire Update 7/177/17/2014
DNR Campfire Restrictions7/17/2014
Lone Mountain Fire, Stehekin Update 7/17 noon7/17/2014
WSDOT Alert- SR 207/17/2014
Mills Canyon Fire "Complex" Update, 7/17 8AM7/17/2014
Lone Mountain Fire, Stehekin Area 7/16/2014
Mills Canyon Fire Closures and Evacuations7/16/2014
Chiwaukum Creek Fire Grows7/16/2014
Fire Mobilization for Stokes Road Fire7/16/2014
Mills Canyon Fire Update 5PM 7/157/15/2014
Carlton Fire Update: 4PM, 7/157/15/2014
Mills Canyon Fire Update 10AM 7/157/15/2014
Mills Canyon Fire Update 11AM 7/147/14/2014
25 Mile Creek Fire Update as of 11:30AM, 7/137/14/2014
25 Mile Creek Fire Update as of 3PM7/11/2014
Mills Canyon Fire Update7/11/2014
97A Closure7/11/2014
Bridgeport Highland Fire7/11/2014
New NCW Community Board Members 7/11/2014
Chelan PUD's River Ramble Rescheduled7/11/2014
Update: 25 mile creek7/10/2014
25 Mile Creek Fire7/10/2014
Mills Canyon Fire Update7/10/2014
Morning News for Wed. 7/97/9/2014
Mills Canyon Fire Update7/8/2014
Fire in Entiat7/8/2014
WSDOT Operations 7/87/8/2014
Kozi AM News Tuesday July 8, 20147/8/2014
Rock Hill Fire7/7/2014
Voter Registration Deadline7/7/2014
Health Report: Staying Fit for the 4th. 7/3/2014
Area Crime Report 7/2/2014
Health Report: Pets on the 4th of July7/2/2014
Health Report: Sunburn Remedies7/1/2014
Regional Meetings, Week of 6/307/1/2014
Regional Meetings 6/266/26/2014
Health Report: WA State Skin Cancer Prevention6/26/2014
WSDOT Report 6/21-6/276/26/2014
Health Report: Benefits of Coconut Oil6/25/2014
Train Your Dog to Avoid Snakes6/25/2014
Brewster Boys & Girls Club6/24/2014
NWS Weather Spotters6/24/2014
Health Report: West Nile Virus6/18/2014
WSDOT Operations for Wednesday 06/186/18/2014
Chelan Rotary Centruy Bike Ride6/16/2014
WSDOT Operations June 16-206/16/2014
06/13 Friday School News6/13/2014
06/12 Thursday School News6/12/2014
06/11 Wednesday School News6/11/2014
WSDOT Operations for Wednesday 06/116/11/2014
06/10 Tuesday School News6/10/2014
WSDOT Operations for Monday 06/096/9/2014
Holliday Earns 2nd Place Finish6/9/2014
Red Flag Warning Wildfire Weather6/9/2014
06/06 Friday School News6/6/2014
WSDOT Operations Friday 06/066/6/2014
06/05 Thursday School News6/5/2014
WSDOT Operations for Thursday 06/056/5/2014
WSDOT Construction for Wednesday 06\046/4/2014
Bridgeport Mayor Voted Out of Office6/4/2014
06/04 Wednesday School News6/4/2014
06/03 Tuesday School News6/3/2014
Teen Center Combining Resources 6/3/2014
Bridgeport Mayor Recall 6/3/2014
Gavin Seim Assaulted in Ephrata6/2/2014
WSDOT Operations for Monday 06/026/2/2014
Malaga Fire 5/30/2014
Winthrop Fire Station Levy 5/30/2014
05/30 Friday School News5/30/2014
05/29 Thursday School News5/29/2014
05/28 Wednesday School News5/28/2014
05/27 Tuesday School News5/27/2014
2014 Chelan Soccer Camp5/27/2014
WSDOT Construction Advisory May 23 - 305/27/2014
Chelan Tennis to State5/27/2014
No Chip Seal Friday 05/23 or Monday 05/265/23/2014
Northwest MedStar Takes to Air5/22/2014
WSDOT Maintenance Thursday 05/22/145/22/2014
Orondo Semi Accident5/21/2014
05/21 Wednesday School News5/21/2014
WSDOT Operations for Wednesday 5/21/14 5/21/2014
05/20 Tuesday School News5/20/2014
Hazardous Snow Conditions5/19/2014
Methow School District Open House5/16/2014
05/16 Friday School News5/16/2014
05/15 Thursday School News5/15/2014
Peace Officers Memorial Day5/15/2014
Rock Chipped Windshield?5/15/2014
05/14 Wednesday School News5/14/2014
05/13 Tuesday School News5/13/2014
Armed Forces Day Celebration 5/12/2014
SR 20 North Cascades Highway Reopened5/9/2014
Goats Clinch 1st5/9/2014
North Cascades Highway Open5/8/2014
05/08 Thursday School News5/8/2014
Chelan High Football Field Fire5/7/2014
05/07 Wednesday School News5/7/2014
National Bike to School Day5/6/2014
05/06 Tuesday School News5/6/2014
Hugo Road/97A Power Outage5/5/2014
Chelan Public Works' New Fees5/5/2014
ATV's on Okanogan Roads5/5/2014
05/02 Friday School News5/2/2014
05/01 Thursday School News5/1/2014
New Fire Station 75 Hosts Open House4/30/2014
04/30 Wednesday School News4/30/2014
CWU Tuition Waivers4/29/2014
04/29 Tuesday School News4/29/2014
Chelan High School Plant Sale4/25/2014
04/25 Friday School News4/25/2014
Bridgeport Superintendent Responds to Bond Failure4/24/2014
04/24 Thursday School News4/24/2014
04/23 Wednesday School News4/23/2014
Bridgeport School Bond Fails4/23/2014
04/22 Tuesday School News4/22/2014
Crupina Eradication4/18/2014
Ballots Due4/18/2014
Car Prowls4/18/2014
04/18 Friday School News4/18/2014
04/17 Thursday School News4/17/2014
Downtown Stoplight Project4/16/2014
High Gas Prices4/15/2014
04/15 Tuesday School News4/15/2014
Wildfire Season Beings April 15th4/15/2014
04/14 Monday School News4/14/2014
River Level Fluctuations4/14/2014
Bike Rodeo4/11/2014
Celebration of Jerry's Life Set for Saturday4/11/2014
Judy Brezina Sentencing4/11/2014
04/11 Friday School News4/11/2014
Chelan Golf Update4/11/2014
04/10 Thursday School News4/10/2014
Northwest MedStar to Brewster4/10/2014
LCCH Community Meetings4/9/2014
04/09 Wednesday KOZI News Bites4/9/2014
04/09 Wednesday School News4/9/2014
04/08 Tuesday School News4/9/2014
Bradley Street Update4/4/2014
LCCH Receives Grant4/4/2014
Local Medal Of Honor Winners4/4/2014
2014 Shop Mom And Pop Winners4/4/2014
Local Help Sent to Oso Mudslide4/3/2014
UPDATED: URM Robbery4/3/2014
CCSO Seeking Help: URM Robbery4/2/2014
Buckner Homestead and Orchard Newsletter4/2/2014
04/01 Tuesday KOZI News Bites4/1/2014
UPDATED: Chelan Hospital Clinic Merger4/1/2014
The Recreation Report3/31/2014
Brad Hawkins Legislation3/31/2014
03/31 Monday KOZI News Bites3/31/2014
03/28 Friday School News3/28/2014
Dognapper Convicted3/28/2014
03/27 Thursday KOZI News Bites3/27/2014
Police Baby Delivery3/27/2014
Thursday Chelan City Council3/27/2014
03/27 Thursday School News3/27/2014
03/26 Wednesday KOZI News Bites3/26/2014
03/26 Wednesday School News3/26/2014
03/25 Tuesday KOZI News Bites3/25/2014
03/25 Tuesday School News3/25/2014
03/24 Monday School News3/24/2014
03/21 Friday School News3/21/2014
Keep An Eye On Water Levels3/21/2014
Judy Brezina Criminal Trial3/20/2014
03/20 Thursday School News3/20/2014
Chelan Goat Soccer Report3/19/2014
Chelan Co PUD and Rock Island Reservoir3/19/2014
03/19 Wednesday School News3/19/2014
03/18 Tuesday School News3/18/2014
03/17 Monday KOZI News Bites3/18/2014
Changes in the Art Community3/14/2014
Bridgeport Mayor Recall Update3/14/2014
03/14 Friday School News3/14/2014
03/14 Friday KOZI News Bites3/14/2014
03/13 Thursday School News3/13/2014
03/13 Thursday KOZI News Bites3/13/2014
03/12 Wednesday KOZI News Bites3/12/2014
Chelan FFA Update3/12/2014
Ice Berg on Lake Chelan?3/11/2014
03/10 Monday KOZI News Bites3/10/2014
Hawkins Ballot Bill3/6/2014
03/06 Thursday KOZI News Bites3/6/2014
2014 Bite of the Methow3/6/2014
Human Bones Found3/5/2014
03/05 Wednesday KOZI News Bites3/5/2014
03/03 Regional Meetings3/3/2014
03/03 Monday KOZI News Bites3/3/2014
Manson Apple Blossom Grand Marshal2/27/2014
Live KOZI FM Basketball Broadcasts2/27/2014
02/27 Thursday KOZI News Bites2/27/2014
Lake Chelan Levy: Thank You2/27/2014
02/26 Wednesday KOZI News Bites2/26/2014
02/25 Tuesday KOZI News Bites2/25/2014
02/24 Monday KOZI News Bites2/24/2014
02/21 Friday KOZI News Bites2/21/2014
Avalanche Warning2/20/2014
Thusdays News2/20/2014
KOZI News Bites2/20/2014
Live KOZI FM Broadcasts: 1A Bi-District BBall2/20/2014
Manson Resident Arrested2/19/2014
12th Dist. Invited to Telephone Town-Hall Meeting2/19/2014
CTL Realignment2/18/2014
Tax Credits2/18/2014
2014 Miss Lake Chelan2/18/2014
DOT News2/17/2014
2014 Miss Lake Chelan Scholarship Program2/17/2014
Manson Elementary School – Water Damage Update2/17/2014
Pangborn Marketing Grant2/14/2014
Busy IRS Weekend2/14/2014
Newsletter from WSDOT2/14/2014
Manson School Update2/13/2014
Avalanche Warning2/13/2014
Snowmobile Trails Open2/13/2014
Stevens Pass Avalanche2/12/2014
Special Election Results2/12/2014
Fishing Rule Change2/12/2014
Echo Valley Ski Area Opening2/12/2014
Regional Meetings2/11/2014
Manson School Dist. Closures2/11/2014
The "One Ring" Scam2/11/2014
Bridgeport Mayor Recall2/10/2014
UPDATE! Manson Elementary School / Preschool Closed2/10/2014
Gas Price Alert2/7/2014
Legislative Education Proposal2/7/2014
Flag Lowering2/7/2014
Recreation Fees Waved2/7/2014
CTL Disbanding2/6/2014
CHS FFA Update2/6/2014
Bridgeport Drug Bust2/5/2014
Employment Numbers2/5/2014
Womens Wellness Group Meeting2/5/2014
Manson Giving Great Grants Program Awards $10,000 2/5/2014
Strong 2013 Helps PUD Pay Down Debt2/4/2014
2014 Manson Apple Blossom2/4/2014
Forest Officials Now Accepting Proposals2/4/2014
WSU Ext. Farming Course1/30/2014
Hawkins' Bill Passed1/30/2014
Super Bowl Wager1/30/2014
Chelan PUD Rate Raise1/30/2014
Seasonal Firefighter Positions1/29/2014
Hanford Nuclear Update1/29/2014
Root Rot in Douglas Firs1/29/2014
State Employment Figures1/29/2014
The Icicle Fund1/28/2014
Winter Moisture1/28/2014
New Washington Fish & Wildlife Websites1/27/2014
Electric Utility Tax Error1/27/2014
Marijuana Businesses1/27/2014
Town Toyota Center Looking Towards 20141/27/2014
I-90 Westbound Temporary Closure on Sunday, January 261/25/2014
WSP seeking witness in fatal collision involving deputy1/24/2014
Danna Gebbers Guzman Memorial1/24/2014
Bridgeport Recall Petition1/24/2014
Glaucoma Awareness Month Part 31/23/2014
Forest Service Hiring1/23/2014
Rocky Reach Units Return1/23/2014
Glaucoma Awareness Month Part 21/22/2014
Methow Nordic Festival1/22/2014
Minimum Wage Raise?1/22/2014
Lack of Snow w/Doug England1/22/2014
Chelan Special Election Ballot1/22/2014
Brad Hawkins DREAM Act1/22/2014
Glaucoma Awareness Month Part 11/21/2014
Snowmobiling Closures1/21/2014
New NPS Stehekin Facilities1/21/2014
PILT Tax 1/21/2014
Winterfest Recap with Mike Steel1/21/2014
Okanogan Special Election1/20/2014
Flood Control Zone District Meeting1/20/2014
New DUI Program1/20/2014
Chelan PUD Snow Forecast1/20/2014
Douglas County Collision1/17/2014
AG Opinion on 5021/17/2014
Friday Port Report1/17/2014
Memorial Hike1/17/2014
Caribou Trail League Moves1/16/2014
Entiat Fire1/16/2014
Flood Control Zone District1/16/2014
Wednesday Meeting Update1/15/2014
Burglary Report1/15/2014
Moratorium Lifted1/15/2014
Marijuana Moratorium1/14/2014
2014 Legislative Session1/14/2014
Chelan Planning Commision Meeting1/14/2014
Manson Parks Meeting Recap1/14/2014
Tuesday Meetings Update1/14/2014
Chelan Planning Commision1/13/2014
Lake Chelan School Board Meeting1/13/2014
Winthrop Town Council Meeting1/13/2014
Monday Meetings Update1/13/2014
Special Investigative Unit1/9/2014
C.C. PUD Meeting1/9/2014
Captial Budget Map1/9/2014
Thursday Meetings Update1/9/2014
2014 Legislative Season1/9/2014
New Hospital Building1/8/2014
Hunting Permit Giveaway1/8/2014
Marijuana Taxability Education1/8/2014
Wednesday Meeting Update1/8/2014
Tuesday Meetings Update1/7/2014
Girl's Night Out1/7/2014
Driver Gets 90 Days in Jail1/7/2014
Vote on Jobless Benefits Postponed1/7/2014
County-Wide Flood Control Zone District Info1/6/2014
Lack of Snow Affecting Chelan County?1/6/2014
Winter Recreation Without Snow1/6/2014
Weekly Meetings Changes/Updates 1/6/2014
Dueling Gun Initiatives1/3/2014
HDCA Receives B&O Tax Donations1/3/2014
+ News for 2013

UPDATE to Missing Person12/28/2013
Missing Person Endangered12/28/2013
Burn Ban Extended in Eastern Washington12/27/2013
Christmas Snow in the Forecast12/24/2013
Chelan County PUD Surplus Revenue12/20/2013
Chelan County Comm. Approve '14 Budget12/20/2013
Drug Bust Shooting Update12/19/2013
Pateros School Board Meeting Tonight12/19/2013
Holiday Travel12/19/2013
Winthrop Town Council Meeting Preview12/18/2013
Burn Ban Expires Today12/18/2013
Brewster Hospital Makes Decision12/18/2013
Tuesday Meetings Update12/17/2013
No More Hitchhiking on Stevens Pass12/17/2013
Chelan Co PUD Turbines Back Online12/17/2013
Entiat Land Surplus and Park Closure12/16/2013
Three Rivers Board Meeting12/16/2013
PUD Testing Rocky Reach Turbines12/16/2013
Entiat Land Surplus Meeting12/13/2013
Wenatchee Officer Involved in Shooting12/13/2013
Thursday Meetings & Wednesday Recap12/12/2013
Mike Armstrong Retires12/12/2013
Burn Ban Extended12/12/2013
Washington Horticulture Assc. Consolidation12/11/2013
Wednesday's Meeting Schedule12/11/2013
US 97A Brush Fire12/11/2013
Tuesday Meeting Schedule 12/10/2013
Apple Cup Cafe Gives Thanks12/9/2013
Board and Council Meetings for the Week12/9/2013
Manger Mall Gift Ideas12/6/2013
NWIRP Meetings Friday and Saturday12/6/2013
Pearl Harbor Flag Lowering12/6/2013
PUD Land Surplus12/6/2013
Purchasing and Tending Christmas Trees12/5/2013
Staying Warm In Winter Tips12/5/2013
Pateros School Board Meeting Monday12/5/2013
State Health Care Exchange12/4/2013
Wednesdays Classroom Connection12/4/2013
North Cascade Highway Now Closed12/4/2013
Pateros School Gets Technology Grant12/4/2013
Political Leaders In Lengthy Discussions12/4/2013
Winthrop Town Council Meets Tonight12/4/2013
Washington State Patrol Busy With Accidents12/4/2013
Tragic end to missing person search11/20/2013
WSP Seek Information on Rock Throwing Incident11/19/2013
Search Continues for Gordon Beadell11/19/2013
Two National Park Visitor Centers Close for Winter11/18/2013
Drowsy Driving11/14/2013
Feed My Starving Children: Philippines11/13/2013
Links to Election Results11/6/2013
Horselake Truck Rollover11/6/2013
Voting Season Coming to a Close11/5/2013
Studded Snows Legal in Washington11/4/2013
Snow Saturday for Washington11/4/2013
Rocky Reach declares Emergency for Repairs11/4/2013
I-90 East to experience minor traffic delays11/4/2013
Manson School District's Emergency Excerise11/4/2013
Joe Harris named Teacher of the Year11/4/2013
Botulism Outbreak in Chelan County11/4/2013
Zombie Fun Run and Festival11/1/2013
Child Abuse Case11/1/2013
Brad Hawkins Transparency11/1/2013
Okanogan Poaching Case10/31/2013
Kennewick Lottery Winner10/31/2013
State Troopers Led On High Speed Chase10/31/2013
Chelan Native Big Sky Player Of The Week10/31/2013
Smoke Detectors Being Offered10/31/2013
Chelan County Sheriffs Budget Talks10/31/2013
Centennial Park Property10/30/2013
Approval Of Main Street B&O Tax10/30/2013
Projects Winding Down WSDOT10/29/2013
Chelan Library Building10/29/2013
Gearing Up For Halloween10/29/2013
Washington Health Benefit Exchange10/29/2013
Chelan Library Celebration Week10/28/2013
Chelan Replacement and Operations Levy10/25/2013
Replaced PUD Generators10/25/2013
Leavenworth Stabbing10/25/2013
Forest Service Lost Revenue10/25/2013
Pangborn To Receive $200k Marketing Grant10/24/2013
Acknowledging Alternative Schools10/24/2013
PUD Sale Of Parking Lot10/23/2013
Rules For Initiative 50210/23/2013
Slick Conditions Developing10/23/2013
Chelan School District Levy10/23/2013
Chelan County Sheriffs Proposal10/21/2013
Initiative 502 and State Liquor Control Board10/21/2013
Upcoming City Council Meeting Thursday10/21/2013
CPS-3 Accepting Participants10/21/2013
Training Wilderness First Aid10/18/2013
Science And Initiative 52210/18/2013
Chelan Co PUD Teams Up With Sears10/17/2013
48k To Landscape Johnson Avenue10/17/2013
Apple Harvest Well Underway10/17/2013
Directional Signs To Wineries10/15/2013
Approved Addition To Newest City Park10/15/2013
Mathisons Organic Farming10/15/2013
City Of Chelan On Recreational Marijuana10/14/2013
The Chelan Chase10/14/2013
Winter Preperations A Good Idea10/14/2013
Johnson Avenue Closed October 14th10/14/2013
Update on vehicle accident on Hwy 97A 10/11/2013
Regulation Overload10/11/2013
Rules And Regulations Initiative 50210/11/2013
Rocky Reach Dam Repairs10/10/2013
Amber Alert System10/10/2013
Revival Of School Resource Officer Program10/9/2013
National Public Power Week10/9/2013
Marijuana Related Facilities And Uses10/9/2013
Johnson Avenue Landscaping10/9/2013
Local Thefts10/8/2013
International Walk To School Day10/8/2013
Directional Winery Signs10/8/2013
PUD Meeting10/8/2013
Food Labeling...Genetically Engineered10/8/2013
The Washington Health Benefit Exchange10/2/2013
Four Generating Units Taken Out Of Service10/2/2013
Hanford Nuclear Site Update10/2/2013
9/27/13 Local News9/27/2013
9/26/13 Local News9/26/2013
9/25/13 Local News9/25/2013
9/24/13 Local News9/24/2013
Details from 9/19/13 back up to Pateros9/21/2013
9/19/13 Local News9/19/2013
9/18/13 Local News9/18/2013
Chelan City Council Authorize Purchase Offer9/16/2013
WSDOT Construction Updates9/16/2013
Manson: Modified Lock Down For Bear9/10/2013
New Records Set At Shore To Shore9/10/2013
Local Big Brothers To Close Soon9/10/2013
Entiat Plans Celebrates Park Groundbreaking9/10/2013
Stehekin Digging Out After Major Mudslide9/10/2013
Methow Could Start Fall Burning Early9/10/2013
Chelan County Fair Is Over9/10/2013
Road Closures For Cross State Travelers9/10/2013
Meetings Scheduled For This Week9/10/2013
Work On South Shore Fire Station Underway9/6/2013
Storm Aftermath: Several Roads Closed9/6/2013
CHS Growth Sooner Than Expected9/6/2013
Pedestrian Bridge In Holden Replacement9/6/2013
Some Changes To Weekly Meetings9/6/2013
Leavenworth To Coles Corner Closes Sunday9/6/2013
Stolen Gun Charges From Wash Cr Fire9/5/2013
Several Fires Sparked By Storm9/5/2013
Hunter Killed In Okanogan County ID'd9/5/2013
Marijuana Regulation Far From Final9/5/2013
Monday's Fire Investigated As Arson9/4/2013
Homicide Investigation After Hunter Killed9/4/2013
Chelan County Fair Starts Today9/4/2013
PUD General Manager On The Job9/4/2013
State Parks Video Contest9/4/2013
Grouse Hunter Death Ruled As Homicide9/3/2013
Chelan Man Removed From Burning Trailer9/3/2013
Two RV's & A Trailer Consumed In Fire9/3/2013
Back To School For Most Schools Today9/3/2013
Labor Day Travelers Backed Up Over Pass9/3/2013
US 2: 6-Day Closure Next Week9/3/2013
This Week's Meetings9/3/2013
Bear Season - Keep Eyes & Ears Open9/3/2013
Get Ready: It's National Preparedness Month9/3/2013
Graffiti Could Bring Felony Charges8/30/2013
Chelan County Inmate Cause Of Death8/30/2013
Twisp Fire Rating Could Improve Soon8/30/2013
Fishers Could Return To North Cascades8/30/2013
Check Fire Restrictions Before Recreating8/29/2013
Program Seeks Local Funds For Senior Meals8/28/2013
Manson Recycle Bins Still Need A Home8/28/2013
Spokane Makes Safest Driver List8/28/2013
Paving Delays 7 Miles North of Brewster8/28/2013
Good News On Labor Front8/28/2013
KOZI Radio Seeking News Reporter8/27/2013
Interest Rates On The Rise8/27/2013
AAA Predicts More Labor Day Travellers8/27/2013
Local Upcoming Meetings8/27/2013
State Parks Commission Seeks Member8/27/2013
The Chelan Man Multi Sport Event Benefits8/27/2013
High Angle Rope Rescue Team Trains8/27/2013
Aftermath Of Thursday's Chemical Fire8/23/2013
Containment Grows On Eagle Creek Fire8/23/2013
Twisp Chamber Hosted Brad Hawkins8/23/2013
Amber Alert System Proves Successful 8/23/2013
North Central Fair In Waterville Underway8/23/2013
Back To School Health Fair Is Sunday8/23/2013
Electromotion EV Winery Tour8/23/2013
Highway 97A Is Open After Chemical Fire8/22/2013
Cascade Bus Driver Exonerated Of Charges8/22/2013
What Will Happen To Woodin Ave Bridge?8/22/2013
WAEF's 8th Annual Scholarship Luncheon8/22/2013
Emphasis Focuses On Fatigued Truckers8/22/2013
Manson Fire Looks Ahead After Levy Failure8/21/2013
Eagle Fire: Evacuations & Acreage Increases8/21/2013
Newest Information On Newest Fire8/20/2013
Meetings this week...8/20/2013
Let's Celebrate National Radio Day!8/20/2013
It's Time For The Fair...Times 28/20/2013
What Does Obamacare Mean For You?8/20/2013
Mudslides Cleared: Highway 20 Is Open8/19/2013
Manson Stand Off Suspect Heads To Court8/19/2013
Brewster To Consider Sales Tax Increase8/19/2013
Council Discusses Next Step For Old Bridge8/19/2013
Hawkins Visits Methow Valley Thursday8/19/2013
Unemployment Rate Increases Slightly8/19/2013
Chamber Completes Phase 1 Of Research8/16/2013
Hwy 20 Closed Through Weekend8/16/2013
Fire Update: Local Fires Wrapping Up8/16/2013
New National Forest Supervisor Named8/16/2013
Disposing of Nuclear Waste In Washington8/16/2013
City of Chelan To Lease Out Old Library8/15/2013
Highway 20 May Not Open Anytime Soon8/15/2013
Protect Your Home From Wildfire8/15/2013
Crews Continue Work On Stubborn Fires8/14/2013
PUD Transitions With New General Manager8/14/2013
New Methow Supt. Takes The Reigns8/14/2013
Grant County Imposes Burn Ban8/14/2013
City Of Chelan Holds Special Meeting8/14/2013
Chelan School Board Meets & Retreats8/14/2013
Highway 20 To Remain Closed Indefinitely 8/13/2013
AMBER Alerts Automatic To Cell Phones8/13/2013
Wenatchee Evacuations Lowered Yesterday8/13/2013
Fairs, Fairs and More Fairs8/13/2013
Folks Are Assessing Storm Damage8/12/2013
Naturalization Ceremony In Chelan Today8/12/2013
Entiat & Chelan Sign Contracts 8/12/2013
Meetings In Our Area8/12/2013
Flash Flood Watch in effect thru Sunday 8/10/2013
Nearly 50 Citizens To Be Naturalized Monday8/9/2013
Colockum Tarps Fire Nearing Demobilization8/9/2013
Hwy 2 Closed For 6 Days End Of August8/9/2013
Flash Flood Watch For Our Area8/9/2013
Detectives Get Limit Of 5 Years8/9/2013
Link Transit On Google Map & Trip Planner8/9/2013
PUD Better Than Budget In 2nd Quarter8/9/2013
Accident Sends 1 To Hospital8/8/2013
Pollination: Bee Colony Collapse Disorder8/8/2013
Granite Mountain Fire 35 Acres8/8/2013
Entiat & Chelan Law Enforcement Contracts8/8/2013
Moore Point Fire Final Update8/8/2013
Colockum Fire Could Wrap Up Soon8/8/2013
Law Enforcement Contract Nearly Finalized8/7/2013
Manson Fire Propositions Rejected8/7/2013
Moore Point Firefighters Released8/7/2013
AccuWeather Offers 45 Day Forecast8/7/2013
State Park Video Contest For Kids8/7/2013
Voters Reject Both Manson Fire Propositions8/6/2013
Moore Point Fire 40% Contained8/6/2013
Granite Mountain Fire Is 30-Acres8/6/2013
Brewster Salmon Derby Huge Success8/6/2013
Colockum Tarps Fire Human Caused8/6/2013
KOZI Is Covering Election Results Tonight8/6/2013
Preview Of Upcoming Area Meetings8/6/2013
Boating License Requirements Cleared Up8/6/2013
Heatstroke From Being Left In Car8/6/2013
Moore Point Fire Update For Monday8/5/2013
Colockum Fire: 80,000 Acres, 60% Contained8/5/2013
Death Of Inmate Investigation Continues8/5/2013
Election Day: Ballots Are Due Tomorrow8/5/2013
Shore To Shore Marathon Next Month8/5/2013
Police Seeking Jose Sanchez of Bridgeport8/5/2013
Drive By Shooting At Wenatchee Mall8/3/2013
Good News For Moore Point Fire8/2/2013
Lightning Starts 5 Fires In Okanogan Co8/2/2013
Colockum Fire Gets More Manpower8/2/2013
Ballots Without Choices Cost Us $100,0008/2/2013
Distracted Drivers Earn Tickets8/2/2013
New Laws Make Alcohol More Accessible 8/2/2013
2 Waterville Men Injured In Car Accident8/2/2013
Wind Pushes Moore Point Fire: 1,400 Acres8/1/2013
Colockum Fire 70,000 acres- 25% Contained8/1/2013
No More Campfires In State Parks8/1/2013
What Does The Haze Mean For Air Quality?8/1/2013
WA Holds Strong In Legalizing Marijuana8/1/2013
Red Flag Warning In Effect8/1/2013
WSP Seeks Witnesses To Quincy Fatality7/31/2013
Evacuations For Moore Point Fire-500 Acres7/31/2013
The Latest On The Colockum Tarp Fire7/31/2013
How Clean Is The Air You Are Breathing?7/31/2013
South Shore Fire Station Bids Opened Today7/31/2013
Brewster Holds Special Meeting Today7/31/2013
Outdoor Fires Banned On DNR Land7/31/2013
Four Fires Burning In Upper Lake Chelan7/30/2013
Colockum Tarp Fire: 42,663 Acres7/30/2013
Chelan Could Be Closer To Sheriff's Contract7/30/2013
Medicare Partnership In Wenatchee7/30/2013
Royal City Woman Run Over While Running7/29/2013
3 New Fire Starts On Upper Lake Chelan7/29/2013
Colockum Tarp Fire Now At 15,000 Acres7/29/2013
Farmers Turn From Cherries To Apples7/29/2013
Chelan Rodeo Parade- Coming Right Up7/29/2013
Manson Locals Raise Funds For Campos'7/29/2013
Unemployment Rate Declines7/29/2013
Vehicle Accident Sends 3 To Hospital7/29/2013
Colockum Fire Update7/28/2013
Red Flag Warning In Effect7/26/2013
Name Of Deputy Involved In Death Revealed7/25/2013
PUD Has Hired Next General Manager7/25/2013
Water Safety: It Save Lives7/25/2013
Law Enforcement On Tonight's Agenda7/25/2013
Okanogan County May Increase ATV Use7/25/2013
Death of A Suspect Under Investigation7/24/2013
SUP's Requires License, Whistles & More7/24/2013
PUD Asks Janney To Stay Another Month7/24/2013
Too Hot To Leave Kids In Car - 7/24/2013
Grant County Sheriff Warns Of Scam7/24/2013
Industrial Fire Precaution Level Increased7/24/2013
Suspect Dies In Custody- Deputy Injured7/23/2013
Vacationer Has Close Call In Lake Chelan7/23/2013
Video Contest For Kids Who Love The Park7/23/2013
Chelan City Council Meets Thursday7/23/2013
Deadline For North Cascades Bancshares7/23/2013
Near Drowning In Lake Chelan This Morning7/22/2013
Moses Lake Man Dies After Hitting Horse7/22/2013
Special Meeting Today To Discuss PUD GM7/22/2013
Rio Tinto Gives 25K To Chelan Library Project7/22/2013
Primary Election Costs $100,0007/22/2013
Bank Of America Becomes Wa Federal7/22/2013
Non-Profit Board Service 101 Wednesday7/22/2013
Chelan Rodeo Action Kicks Off Aug. 17/19/2013
Manhunt On For Armed Quincy Man7/19/2013
Fire Officials Say We Dodged A Bullet7/19/2013
Motorcycle Accidents Send 5 To Hospitals7/19/2013
Real Estate Snapshot 7/19/2013
Chelan Ranger District Fires Update7/18/2013
Sun Mountain Fire Update7/18/2013
Manson Fire 5 Information Meeting Tonight7/18/2013
Watch For Athletes: ChelanMan Is Here7/18/2013
Twisp Lets Voters Decide Transportation Tax7/18/2013
Pateros Celebrates 100- Apple Pie Jamboree7/18/2013
Orondo Park Survey: What Needs Improved?7/18/2013
Quick Response To Two Lightning Fires7/17/2013
Lightning Sparks New Local Fire 7/17/2013
Entiat Nears Agreement With Sheriff7/17/2013
Power Restored From 2,000 Acre Fire7/17/2013
Some Crews Dismissed From Methow Fire7/17/2013
Cherry Season Is In Full Swing7/17/2013
Texting Blamed For Backups7/17/2013
Still No Replacement Named For PUD GM7/17/2013
Power To Be Completely Restored Soon7/16/2013
Red Flag Warning For High Fire Danger7/16/2013
2,000 Acre Fire Out, But So Is The Power...7/16/2013
Chelan Discusses Law Enforcement Future7/16/2013
No Significant Growth For Sun Mountain Fire7/16/2013
Road Closure Due to Fire SR 207/15/2013
Sun River Fire Sits at 35- Acres7/15/2013
Manson Fire Bond & Levy On Ballot7/15/2013
Chelan County PUD GM Announcement?7/15/2013
Non -Profit Board Service 101 7/15/2013
Primary Ballots Hit Mailboxes Soon7/15/2013
Manson Business Assn & Economics Board7/15/2013
Bomb Threat Closes Grant County Airport7/15/2013
Road Repair Manson Highway @ Darnells 7/11/13 @ 3pm7/11/2013
Two Accidents Send Locals To Hospital7/11/2013
All 3 Area Fires Are Now In Mop Up Stage7/11/2013
Chelan Council Introduces New Employees7/11/2013
Accident Near Malaga Injures Several7/11/2013
Experience Rocky Reach Dam7/11/2013
State Public Hearings For Marijuana7/11/2013
Wednesday Morning Fire Update7/10/2013
Chelan Looks Again At Sheriff Contract7/10/2013
Chelan Seniors Place 2nd In Nationals7/10/2013
Don't Miss Holden On The Trail Opportunity7/10/2013
National Forests Ban Exploding Targets7/10/2013
Today's Local News With Jay Witherbee7/9/2013
WSP Seeks Witnesses Of Chelan Fatality7/9/2013
Motorcycle Accident Numbers High 7/9/2013
Omak Drowning Victim Recovered From River7/9/2013
25 Mile Wildfire 70% Contained7/9/2013
25 Mile Wildfire Update7/9/2013
Lightning Starts Second Fire On Lake Chelan7/8/2013
Today's News With Jay Witherbee7/8/2013
25 Mile Wildfire Mop Up Begins7/8/2013
Highway 97A Closure Due To Standoff7/8/2013
Snoqualmie Pass Commuter Delays Again...7/8/2013
25 Mile Wildfire Containment Grows To 15%7/7/2013
25 Mile Wildfire Determined Human Caused7/6/2013
25 Mile Fire 1500 Acres- 10% Contained7/6/2013
Highway 97A Closed- Now Reopened7/5/2013
Fire Causes Level 1 Evacuations 7/5/2013
Chelan Ranger District Gives Latest Update7/5/2013
25 Mile Fire Estimated At 450-Acres7/5/2013
Fire Burning Near Deer Point7/5/2013
Today's Local News With Jay Witherbee...7/3/2013
What's Open, What's Not For 4th Of July7/3/2013
Memorial Service Today For Jackie Campos7/3/2013
Enjoy Safe Fireworks This 4th Of July7/3/2013
Summer Long Burn Ban7/2/2013
Community Mourns Loss Of Manson Grad6/30/2013
Chelan PUD Advisory6/27/2013
Okanogan PUD Emergency Power Outage 6/26/2013
Jacque Campos: Update6/26/2013
Campos Remains In Critical Condition Today6/25/2013
Local Farmer Dies In Tractor Accident6/25/2013
Pilot Minor Injuries From Helicopter Crash6/25/2013
Winthrop Town Council Seeks One More6/25/2013
Hungry Black Bear Shuts Down Camp6/25/2013
Chelan HS FFA6/17/2013
Douglas County Fire Dist. 4 receives award6/11/2013
Lake Chelan Boating Club Honors Students6/11/2013
Manson Fire 5 Will Ask For Bond &Levy6/5/2013
Brewster Council To Tackle Manganese Issue6/4/2013
Chelan Motorcycle Accident Claims Life6/3/2013
Venable To Replace Wenzel In Methow6/3/2013
Special Filing Period Opens Tuesday6/3/2013
Washington State Patrol Seeks Witnesses6/3/2013
Mill Bay Boat Launch CLOSED Tuesday6/3/2013
Chelan County Assessor Issues Evaluations6/3/2013
KOZI's 2013 Fathers Day Contest5/31/2013
Updated Story On Wednesday's Stand-off5/30/2013
Manson Man Arrested After 6 Hour Stand-off5/29/2013
Some Forest Service Office To Close June 55/29/2013
Sheriff Tells Stories From Memorial Weekend5/28/2013
Brewster Skips Repainting Of Swimming Pool5/28/2013
Monsters To Become Wenatchee Wild?5/23/2013
AAA Says Less People Traveling This Year5/23/2013
Manson Board Approves Property Purchase5/23/2013
Park Model Homes Get New Guidelines5/23/2013
Two Manson Women Spend Night In Woods5/21/2013
Candidates Done Filing For Local Office5/21/2013
Brewster Considers Zoning Variance Change5/21/2013
Two Manson Women Missing Near Entiat5/20/2013
Small Black Bear Takes Vacation In Manson5/17/2013
Human Skull Found In Chelan County5/17/2013
Two Cities Drop Out- Chelan Still Negotiating5/17/2013
Small Bear Spending Day At Wapato Point5/16/2013
Rifle Missing From GC Sheriff's Office5/16/2013
Apple Blossom Quilt & Edible Apple Results5/15/2013
Washington Students Get Gaming Challenge5/15/2013
Spring Barrel Tasting This Weekend5/15/2013
Wild Moves To Texas As Killer Bees5/14/2013
Fire Season Is Here- 2 Fires In 3 Days 5/14/2013
Chamber Looking For Convertibles5/14/2013
Intern, Dillon Morrison, Shares FFA Story5/14/2013
Brush Fire Turned Structure Fire5/14/2013
Union Valley Resident Meeting Wednesday5/14/2013
Manson Plans Live Fire Training This Week5/14/2013
Minor Earthquake Hit Near Entiat Thursday5/14/2013
Woodin Bridge Closures For 2 More Weeks5/8/2013
Jay Witherbee Survives Bloomsday...5/8/2013
Top State Legislatures To Tour Lake 5/8/2013
Okanogan River Expected To Flood 5/8/2013
PUD To Put Out Bids For Entiat Park Work5/8/2013
Chelan Council Plans Beautification Work5/8/2013
It's National Bike Month-- Ride Your Bike!5/8/2013
Winthrop Denies Request For Speed Indicator5/8/2013
Sheriff Looks To Stop Nuisance Calls5/8/2013
Be Aware-It's National Arson Awareness Week5/8/2013
Flags Directed At Half Staff Friday5/2/2013
Manson Trains For New Evaluation System5/2/2013
Twisp Looks To Plan Ahead For Fire Service5/2/2013
Chelan PUD Earns Top Recognition5/2/2013
Manson Business Association Sets Goals5/1/2013
Winthrop Town Council Meets Tonight5/1/2013
Cell Phones Receiving Amber Alerts5/1/2013
DNR Offers Firewood Permits Online5/1/2013
Home Owner Not Suspect In Manson Arson4/30/2013
Stabbing Suspect Arrested Near Mansfield4/30/2013
Brewster PD At Full Force = Less Overtime4/30/2013
Sheriff's Office Prepares For Summer Tourists4/25/2013
Bridgeport Ordinance Will Allow 3-on-34/25/2013
Marina Project Plans Move Ahead On Target4/25/2013
Brewster Council Looks At ATV Use4/25/2013
Three Rivers Hospital Meeting ReCap4/25/2013
Garbage Can Stop Signs To Be Replaced4/23/2013
Brewster Seeks Funds For Water Upgrades4/23/2013
Ok Deputies Recover From Busy Weekend4/23/2013
Link Adjusts Routes For Apple Blossom4/23/2013
Some Chelan Residents Selected For Survey4/22/2013
Bridgeport Fights Crime With Block Watch4/22/2013
Former Brewster Clerk Gets Ankle Bracelet4/22/2013
Cities Join To Talk Law Enforcement4/22/2013
Brewster Takes Hard Look At Special Events4/18/2013
Omak Hosting Anti-Bullying Pow Wow4/18/2013
Chelan FFA Spring Plant Sale Is Comng4/18/2013
Straub and Blanco Are Fair Ambassadors4/18/2013
Manson's Peeper Faces Felony Charges4/17/2013
Manson PTAC Auction This Weekend4/17/2013
Chelan City Plans Clean-Up4/17/2013
Commissioners Make Plans For New Fire Hall4/16/2013
Council Adjusts Library Budget-Awards Bid4/16/2013
Chelan's Union Valley Addresses Changing4/15/2013
False Alarms = New Fees In Brewster4/15/2013
Wild West Cattle Drive In Twisp On Sunday4/12/2013
Wild Response To Public Facilities District4/12/2013
Bridgeport Offers Second Round Of Chipping4/12/2013
Local FFA Earns Top Honors4/11/2013
Manson Recycle Bin Future In Question4/11/2013
Dogs Suspected In Livestock Kills Bailed Out4/11/2013
Winthrop Council Considers Speed Indicator4/11/2013
Will Wild Hockey Cut Ties With Arena?4/10/2013
Library Issue On Chelan Council Agenda4/10/2013
3rd Dog Saught In Chelan Livestock Attacks4/9/2013
Bridgeport's Additional Water Rights On Tap 4/9/2013
Woodin Avenue Bridge Closed Tues. & Wed.4/9/2013
Twisp Open House On Firearms Ordinance4/9/2013
Yard Drop Off Site In Chelan Open Now4/9/2013
Free Suicide Prevention Training4/8/2013
HDCA Garage-A-Rama is April 20th4/8/2013
Cities Join Forces In Negotiations For Cops4/8/2013
Ports Agree -Pangborn Airport Project A-Go4/8/2013
Family Faces Needs In Aftermath Of Fire4/5/2013
Bridgeport Amends Zoning- Adds Housing4/5/2013
Winthrop Old Town Hall Likely To Be Sold4/5/2013
Red Cross Offers Help To Fire Victims4/4/2013
County To Finish Sidewalks In Manson4/4/2013
Spring Break/Studded Tires- Drivers Beware4/4/2013
Bridgeport Citizens Fed Up With Crime4/3/2013
Grandparent Scam Hits Close To Home4/3/2013
Winthrop Looks At Speed Indicator Sign4/3/2013
Manson Home Completely Destroyed In Fire4/3/2013
Pangborn Agreement Back For Reivision4/2/2013
Bridgeport Hosts Healthcare Grant Meeting4/2/2013
Chelan Schools Prioritize Capital Projects4/2/2013
High Bids Slow Down Library Project4/1/2013
Sewer Lift Station Work Continues: Update4/1/2013
Brewster Works On Labor Union Contract4/1/2013
Pateros Welcomes New Portable Building4/1/2013
Manson Honors 3 Staff For Excellence4/1/2013
FFA Members Participate In Creed Speaking3/29/2013
FFA Job Interview Career Development Event3/29/2013
Manson Fire Being Investigated As Arson3/29/2013
NCNB Merges With Montana Bank3/29/2013
Chelan City Council Meets Tonight3/28/2013
Brewster School To Replace Roof Over Break3/28/2013
Brewster Considers Options To Heat Pool3/27/2013
Library Bids Opened - Higher Than Expected3/27/2013
Bridgeport City To Finalize Moratorium 3/27/2013
Manson Students Participate In We Day3/27/2013
Crupina Control Along Lake Chelan3/26/2013
Brewster Offers More RV Spots In Park3/26/2013
Bradley Sidewalk Project Open House Today3/26/2013
Healthcare Services Coming To Bridgeport?3/26/2013
Sewer Lift Station Project Causes Delays3/25/2013
Scout Hill Gets Makeover For Eagle Project3/25/2013
OK County Deputy Involved In Shooting3/22/2013
Brewster Adjusts Rules To Stop Vandals3/22/2013
Manson Peeping Tom Cases Investigated3/22/2013
Student Intern Reports On Knowledge Bowl3/22/2013
Gang Unit To Look At Graffiti In Valley3/21/2013
Entiat Permits Arrive 2 1/2 Years Later...3/21/2013
Twisp Makes Future Plans To Redesign Hall3/21/2013
Manson Firefighters Celebrate Volunteers3/21/2013
Investigation Launched Into Suspicious Fire3/20/2013
Twisp and Ok Fire 6 Nearing Agreement3/20/2013
Mayor In Olympia For Shoreline Hearing3/19/2013
Chelan Reconsiders General Facility Charges3/18/2013
Appliance Rebate Incentive Through PUD3/18/2013
Fire Damages Home Under Construction 3/15/2013
Today Is Last Day For Manson AAU Sign-Ups 3/15/2013
Commissioners Attend NACO DC Conference3/15/2013
Manson Firefighters Install Smoke Alarms3/15/2013
Weapon Recovered From Manson Burglary3/14/2013
Lack of Funds Halts Yard Waste Collection3/14/2013
PUD Receives Kudos For Fish Conservation3/14/2013
Chelan Firefighters Called Out From Banquet3/14/2013
New Barge Ramp Going In At Lucerne3/13/2013
Hover Appointed As Director of DOA3/13/2013
Firefighters Get Called Back To Training Burn3/12/2013
Burglars Caught On Tape - Still On Loose3/12/2013
Methow Superintendent To Say Goodbye3/12/2013
Nurses and Three Rivers Reach Agreement3/12/2013
Troy's Shares Video Footage Of Burglary3/11/2013
Safeway Corner Design Under Question3/8/2013
CORRECTED: Brewster PD Invited By Pateros3/8/2013
Bridgeport Passes Housing Ordinance3/8/2013
Chelan Ranger District Plans Controlled Burns3/6/2013
Pateros Budget Gets New Boost3/6/2013
Manson Business Association Starts Aner3/6/2013
Brewster Lady Bears Are 1A State Champs3/4/2013
Chelan Lady Goats Bring Home 3rd Place3/4/2013
Chelan Battles Shoreline Master Program3/4/2013
Brewster PD Seeks To Add Pateros To Watch3/4/2013
Deputies Kill Aggressive Cougar In Manson3/1/2013
Fire Destroys Travel Trailer in Manson 3/1/2013
Local School To Get $340 In Grant Funding3/1/2013
Manson Looks Forward To Improvements3/1/2013
KOZI Works With Chelan Student Intern 2/28/2013
Winthrop Fire Gets Grant For Jaws Of Life2/27/2013
Chelan City Council To Hear Marina Update2/27/2013
Bridgeport Passes Marijuana Moratorium2/26/2013
Manson Hosts 5th familyMath Night Tonight2/26/2013
Brewster Considers New Park Hours2/26/2013
MOE's Sarah Freeman Wins Spelling Bee2/26/2013
Chelan Considers Suicide Prevention For All2/25/2013
Tax Credit Criteria Change- Halt Projects2/22/2013
Entiat Permits On The Way...Finally2/22/2013
Masked Burglar In Manson Eludes Deputies2/22/2013
Manson Students Award $10,000 In Grants2/21/2013
Chelan Woman Arrested For Mail Theft2/20/2013
Auditor Releases Manson Fire Audit Finding2/20/2013
Sheriff Answers Questions Tonight2/20/2013
Methow Looks To Increase Counseling2/20/2013
Manson Crowns Spelling Bee Winners2/19/2013
Sarah Kunkel Is 2013 Miss Lake Chelan2/19/2013
Bridgeport Gives Green Light To Skatepark2/19/2013
County Vamps Up Drug Disposal Program2/19/2013
PUD Offers Incentives To Conserve Energy2/19/2013
Miss Lake Chelan Pageant Monday Night2/18/2013
Chelan FFA Standout, Jake Straub Represents2/14/2013
School Levies Pass-- Bonds Don't2/13/2013
Chelan County PUD GM Says Goodbye2/13/2013
Chelan Releases 2012 Finance Report2/13/2013
County Commissioners OK Watershed Plan2/13/2013
Pateros Becoming Sister City With Pateros ...2/12/2013
Chelan City Council Agenda Run-Down2/12/2013
Community Joins Forces To Help Jerry Jr.2/11/2013
Suicide Prevention Training In Chelan2/11/2013
KOZI Teams Up To Share Jerry Jr's Story2/8/2013
Community Mourns Administrator's Death2/8/2013
Wenatchee PD Looks For Ag-Supply Arson2/8/2013
Hometown Heroes Nominations Due Soon2/8/2013
Commissioners Tour Railroad Project2/8/2013
Chelan Council Tackling Shoreline Plan2/7/2013
Better Than Expected Budget Report For PUD2/7/2013
New Record Trout Caught In Lake Chelan2/6/2013
Goat Fire Caused By Exploding Targets2/6/2013
Manson Holds District Spelling Bee Thursday2/6/2013
Considering Law Enforcement Alternatives2/6/2013
Pateros School Dist Teams Up With Fire Dist2/6/2013
Former Hospital CEO Awarded $350,0002/5/2013
Wolf Bill To Be Heard Today In Olympia2/5/2013
Knapps Tunnel Closed Wednesday 9-32/5/2013
City Says No To Outside Golf Management2/4/2013
Manson Free Chili Feed Tuesday Night2/4/2013
Manson Parks Seeks New Board Member2/4/2013
Gjesdal Reinstates Auxiliary Program2/4/2013
Pateros Prepares New Portable Classroom2/4/2013
Mail Fraud Hits Home In Chelan County1/31/2013
New Traffic Safety Program Launches Soon1/31/2013
Longtime Bus Driver Retires- New One Hired1/31/2013
Chelan Looks At Law Enforcement Options1/30/2013
China Pear Exports To Benefit Local Growers1/30/2013
County Battles Fruit Pests At Local Level1/30/2013
3 Rivers Hospital Has New Board Member 1/30/2013
City Lays Out Library Plans & Seeks Bids1/30/2013
Pateros Applies For State Energy Grant1/30/2013
PUD Finds Strengths & Weakness In Study1/30/2013
Bridgeport Armed Robber Still On Loose1/25/2013
Twisp Still Negotiating On Fire Contract 1/25/2013
Mary Haas Resigns From Pateros Council1/25/2013
Pateros City Prepares For Spring Projects1/24/2013
OK Investigation Clears Deputy In Shooting1/24/2013
District 7 Considers -Denies Refinance Option1/24/2013
County Launches Traffic Safety Program1/24/2013
Brewster Hires Long Awaited 6th Officer1/23/2013
Firefighters Make Quick Work Of Barn Fire1/23/2013
Investigation On Busey Nearing Completion1/22/2013
Link Holds Meetings On Route Changes1/22/2013
Twisp Looks At ATV Use On Town Streets1/22/2013
Sheriff Gjesdal Addresses Gun Control1/18/2013
Extra Protection For Winterfest Activities1/18/2013
Eight Horses Rescued After Being Neglected1/18/2013
Chelan FFA Hosts Annual Hort Fair Monday1/18/2013
Mike Keys Rd Named In Honor of Local Man1/17/2013
City To Maintain Bridgeport Sidewalks1/17/2013
Bridgeport School District Start Facility Plans1/17/2013
LuLu's Surveillance Video Leads To Arrest1/17/2013
Bridgeport City Puts Hold On Pot Use1/16/2013
Woodin Avenue Bridge On Chelan City Radar1/16/2013
Manson Fire 5 Receives Prevention Grant1/16/2013
Manson Volunteer Firefighters Have Doubled1/15/2013
Hurst Construction Awarded Sewer Bid1/15/2013
WSDOT Gets Go-Ahead From Chelan Council1/14/2013
Bridgeport Awards Wastewater Project Bid1/14/2013
Chelan Superintendent Contract Extended1/14/2013
Three Rivers Hospital Employee of 20121/11/2013
AMBER Alert Day is Sunday -- 1/11/2013
National School Board Recognition Month1/11/2013
Winthrop Holds First Meeting Of Year1/11/2013
Methow Residents Waiting Word On Beacon1/11/2013
Methow Plagued With Pertussis...Again1/10/2013
Full Agenda On Tap For Chelan Council1/10/2013
Detectives Sift Through Stolen Property1/10/2013
Entiat To Work On Water Conservation1/10/2013
WSDOT Seeks Support For No See-Um1/9/2013
Winthrop/Twisp Discuss Merging Marshals1/9/2013
FS Seeks Comments On Methow Projects1/9/2013
$12K In Stolen Goods Recovered In Arrest1/8/2013
Manson Supt Weighs In On Sequestration1/8/2013
Commissioners Get Plain Area Update1/8/2013
Deputies Make Arrest In Several Burglaries1/7/2013
Council Keeps Woodin Bridge A Priority1/7/2013
Manson Board Appoints New Chairperson1/7/2013
DUI Emphasis Brings In Less Arrests1/7/2013
Stolen Vehicle Leads To Arrest Near Chelan1/4/2013
Authorities Perplexed In Missing Man Case1/4/2013
Manson Offers Two Levies To Voters1/4/2013
Sonia Ruiz Named Employee Of The Month1/3/2013
Christmas Tree Bonfire Drop Off Moves 1/3/2013
Link Seeking Comments On Route Changes1/3/2013
Chelan School Liaisons Prove Successful1/3/2013
First OK County Baby Born In Brewster1/3/2013
LuLu Boutique Catches Burglar On Camera1/2/2013
Chelan Fire Districts Looks Forward To 20131/2/2013
City Council Prepares For WSDOT Decision1/2/2013
+ News for 2012

Helping Hands Helps Pay Heating Bills12/27/2012
Find A Ride Home If You Have Drinks12/27/2012
Hwy 2 Opens- County Figures Cost Of Storm12/26/2012
Council Takes Neutral Stance On Fingers12/26/2012
Snowmobilers Enjoy Bountiful Snowfall12/26/2012
Earthquake South of Chelan Measures 2.8 Md12/20/2012
Chelan School Asks Voters To Approve Levy12/20/2012
Manson Fire Taskforce Offers Service Report12/20/2012
Brewster Future Fee Schedule Levels Out12/20/2012
Bridgeport Cleans Up With Code Compliance 12/19/2012
Fore Named To District Court Bench12/19/2012
Commissioners Will Appoint Judge Today12/18/2012
City Renews Contracts; Seeks Public Opinion12/18/2012
Winthrop Snags Twisp's "Let Go" Officer12/18/2012
Brewster Deems Old Snow Plow As Surplus12/18/2012
Winthrop Trail Path Negotiations Hit Snag12/17/2012
Manson Council Full For First Time In Year12/17/2012
Bridgeport Opens Treatment Plant Bids12/17/2012
Library Building Comment Cleared Up12/14/2012
Brewster City Council Reinstates 6th Officer12/14/2012
Sheriff Deputy Numbers Could Be Moving Up12/13/2012
Three Rivers Hospital Board Opening12/13/2012
Chamber Wants To Manage Chelan Tax 12/12/2012
County Approves Supplemental Budgets12/12/2012
Entiat Expects To Pass Budget Thursday12/12/2012
Former Chelan Superintendent Under Fire12/11/2012
Twisp Considers Final Fire Service Contract12/11/2012
Chelan Council Ready For Final 2012 Meeting12/11/2012
Entiat Park Facelift Plans Run A Year Behind12/11/2012
Larry Higbee Resigns From Hospital Board 12/11/2012
Input Plentiful From Golf Course Meeting12/10/2012
Entiat Struggles With Increased Jail Fees12/10/2012
WSP Warning: Don't Park On Highway12/10/2012
Coach Talley And School District Part Ways12/7/2012
Rat Bite Fever Cases Confirmed Locally12/7/2012
Jennifer Witherbee Honored For Leadership 12/7/2012
Entiat Shares Superintendent With Palisades12/7/2012
Cut Your Own Christmas Tree For $512/7/2012
PUD Prepares For Dismal Funds State Parks12/6/2012
How’s your driving? Survey Results Released12/6/2012
Bridgeport Package Delivers An Arrest12/5/2012
Council Members Speak on Golf Meeting12/5/2012
Commissioners Seek District Court Judge12/5/2012
Hospital Foundation Gets $13,000 Pledge12/5/2012
Locals Earn Top Honors In Photo Contest12/4/2012
Chelan Teriyaki Wins 2012 Sugar Plum Award 12/4/2012
Chelan Clinic Continues Medicare Plan12/4/2012
Chelan School Board May Add Capital Levy12/4/2012
Ranger District Considers Project Permits12/4/2012
Suicide Prevention Training Program Coming 12/4/2012
Golf Course Management Meeting Thursday12/3/2012
Superintendent Assesses Recent China Visit12/3/2012
Seven on Brewster's Alumni Hall Of Fame12/3/2012
Bridgeport Looks To Better Budget Process12/3/2012
Chelan Fire Chief Shares Holiday Safety Tips12/3/2012
Leavenworth All Day Standoff Ends In Arrest11/30/2012
Methow Beacon Waiting For FAA Approval11/30/2012
Holden Cleanup Will Head Into Next Phase11/30/2012
Manson School District Considering Levies11/30/2012
Neighbors Fed Up With Drug Activity11/30/2012
Bridgeport Council Finalizes Industrial Zone11/30/2012
More Than 140 At No See-Um Open House11/29/2012
Deputies Warn Manson Downtown Parkers11/29/2012
Brewster Offers Free Adult ESL Classes11/29/2012
Chelan Ranger District Updating Mailing List11/29/2012
PUD Looks To Avoid Rate Increase11/29/2012
Harris Named Pac12 Honorable Mention11/28/2012
Commissioners Take On SR150/No See-Um11/28/2012
Manson Resurfacing To Start In June 201311/28/2012
Bridgeport Considers Light Industrial Zone11/28/2012
Rocky Reach Visitor Center Closes11/28/2012
Fatal Accident Victim Is Identified11/27/2012
Mayor Weighs In On Proposed Changes11/27/2012
Open House for Manson Downtown Phase 211/27/2012
Jake Straub Selected to Represent Northwest11/27/2012
Donkey Basketball To Support Paws For Lily11/26/2012
Chelan FFA Earns 8th Apple Championship11/26/2012
Entiat Forum For Superintendent Candidates11/26/2012
Bridgeport Closer To New Treatment Plant11/26/2012
Commissioner Weighs In On Apple Cup11/23/2012
City Reluctantly Says Goodbye To Agnes11/23/2012
WSDOT Open House to Discuss No See-Um11/21/2012
Okanogan County Must Recount By Hand11/21/2012
FSA Seeks New County Committee Members11/20/2012
SR 20/ North Cascades Highway CLOSED11/20/2012
Manson Firefighters Fight Off Hunger11/20/2012
Help Shape the City Budget in Bridgeport11/20/2012
Ordinances and Resolutions on Agenda11/20/2012
Sheriff's Office Seeks Suspect In Pursuit11/20/2012
Thanksgiving Travel Expectations Are BIG11/20/2012
Frying A Turkey? Read This First...11/20/2012
Solution to Keep State Land Open, Failing11/20/2012
Are You Prepared For A Power Outage?11/19/2012
Weekend Stabbing In Chelan Over Heater11/19/2012
Final Chelan City Budget Hearing Tuesday11/19/2012
Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over Campaign11/19/2012
Okanogan Ballots Counted by Tonight11/14/2012
Summit Tomorrow in Entiat11/14/2012
Soil Damage by Wildfires11/14/2012
Rental Scam Comes to Chelan11/14/2012
Manson Looking for Council Candidates11/12/2012
Town of Winthrop says No to ATVS11/12/2012
South Shore Fire Stations Bond or Budget?11/12/2012
Fire Committee Formed by Citizens11/12/2012
Missing Man Found Deceased11/12/2012
City Council Tackles Golf Course Model11/6/2012
After the Fires Workshop Draws Crowd11/6/2012
Twisp Negotiates Fire Contract11/6/2012
48 Hours Featuring Mackenzie Cowell Homicide 11/6/2012
Thieves Cause Power Outage11/6/2012
Brewster Students Fund Raise11/2/2012
Studded Tires Now Allowed11/2/2012
Potential Delay in Wenatchee Bridge Completion11/2/2012
Update on Pateros Shooting Victim11/2/2012
Pateros Shooting Between Father/Son10/31/2012
Shooting Suspect At Large10/30/2012
Flood Watch10/30/2012
Regional Labor Stats10/30/2012
Christmas Tree Permits On Sale Now10/30/2012
Fatal Head on Collision10/24/2012
FBI Reward Offered10/23/2012
Happy Ending for Victim of Theft10/23/2012
Manson Food Drive Begins Today10/23/2012
Juvenile Detained for Burglaries10/22/2012
Deputies Receive Life Saving Awards10/22/2012
New Wolf Pack on Colville Reservation10/22/2012
Judge Frustrated by Jurors10/22/2012
Armed Robbery at Apple Inn Motel10/17/2012
Tours Available for New Pybus Market Place10/17/2012
City of Pateros Shoreline Program10/17/2012
Family of Antonio Reyes Come to Agreement with School Distri10/17/2012
Doctor May Face Disciplinary Action10/17/2012
October American Pharmacists Month10/12/2012
Firewood Collection Area Open10/12/2012
Smallwood's Harvest Halloween Happenings10/12/2012
4 Hour Long Meeting on Lake Levels10/12/2012
Rally for the Cure Golf Tournament10/11/2012
Chelan School District Capital Levy 10/11/2012
Wenatchee Foothills Trails Open10/11/2012
Winthrop Volunteer Recognition Celebration10/11/2012
Twisp Fire Contract10/11/2012
Manson Food Drive Headed by High Schoolers10/11/2012
Campfire Ban in Effect10/10/2012
Veterans Assembly Going to be Different10/10/2012
Green Dot Sub Shop Looking For Charities10/10/2012
Winthrop Travel Trailer Fire Complete Loss10/10/2012
Bridgeport School District Overcrowded10/10/2012
Library Fundraiser Carnival October 27th10/9/2012
Meatball Munch Off Results10/9/2012
Sunday Entiat Fire Quickly Contained10/9/2012
Meeting to Discuss Rec Community Center10/9/2012
Physics on Wheels Tomorrow for Manson10/8/2012
Details on the New Library10/8/2012
Chelan Manson Foundation Needs You10/8/2012
Beautification of Columbia & Johnson10/8/2012
Physics on Wheels Comes to Manson10/5/2012
Paint the Town Pink Tonight10/5/2012
Brewster's Clinic Gets New Name10/5/2012
Shoreline Master Program10/4/2012
PUD Meeting to Discuss Lake Levels10/4/2012
Book Sale This Weekend10/4/2012
Bridgeport City Council Mission Statement10/4/2012
Suicide Prevention Class This Friday10/3/2012
New Information on Cashmere Homicide10/3/2012
Chelan Chamber Lease Renewed10/3/2012
BNCW Writes Letter to Douglas Commissioners10/3/2012
Blue Star Wins Coffee Competition10/2/2012
Paint the Town Pink First Friday10/2/2012
Brewster SD Adds Award Winning Programs10/2/2012
Scammer Targets Chelan Residents10/2/2012
Manson School District Needs Your Help10/1/2012
Manson Homecoming Begins Today10/1/2012
Brewster SD Adds Classes10/1/2012
PUD Commissioners Discuss Lake Levels10/1/2012
Good News on Byrd and First Creek Fires9/28/2012
Evacuation Levels Hold Firm for Buckhorn9/28/2012
Praise for Wildfire First Responders9/28/2012
Goat Mtn Fire Update9/28/2012
Pateros Sch Dist. Looks Into Parking Issues9/28/2012
Chief Lemon Discusses Fire Levy Lid Lift9/28/2012
Goat Fire 70% Contained9/27/2012
Winthrop Decides On ATV Use Next Month9/27/2012
Wenatchee Complex Fires Winding Down9/27/2012
Pateros Students Learn Through Theatre9/27/2012
Pateros Clean-Up Slated for Next Week9/27/2012
Three Rivers Hospital Shows Profit 9/27/2012
Goat Fire 40% Contained - End in Sight9/26/2012
Tied Vote on Renewal of Chamber Lease9/26/2012
Airport Board with City Council Meeting 9/26/2012
1,528 Hours of Overtime for Sheriffs on Fires9/26/2012
Chelan Commissioners tour Dill Water Project9/26/2012
Okanogan Fires Considered 90% Contained9/26/2012
Small Start Near Chelan Fires 9/25/2012
Goat Mountain Fire Update9/25/2012
Chelan Considers Change to Firearm Ordinance 9/25/2012
Financial Affects of Wildfires9/25/2012
Goat Fire Said To Be Human Caused9/24/2012
Chamber Lease From PUD In Question9/24/2012
Chelan Area Fire Update9/24/2012
Okanogan Complex Fire Update9/24/2012
Chelan Council To Hear Several Project Ideas9/24/2012
Four Public Hearings With Little Public 9/24/2012
Mayor To Pick Up New City Dump Truck9/24/2012
Goat Fire Shows Extreme Fire Behavior9/21/2012
Several Fires Still Seeing No Containment9/21/2012
City of Pateros Keeps Close Eye On Fire9/21/2012
First Creek/Granite Falls Residents Go Home9/21/2012
Entiat City Project Plans Postponed 9/21/2012
Goat Fire Grows To 1500 Acres-9/20/2012
Chelan County Fire Update9/20/2012
Remains Found Near Billygoat Trailhead9/20/2012
Bridgeport To Create Mission Statement9/20/2012
Do You Dream About Starting A Business?9/20/2012
Chelan FFA Proves Fair-ly Successful9/19/2012
Resident Announces Intent To Sue City9/19/2012
Here On Vacation--Leaves On Probation9/19/2012
Bridgeport Moves Ahead With Wastewater9/19/2012
Firefighters Mourn Death of Tree Faller9/19/2012
Byrd Canyon Fire 80% -- First Creek Fire 30%9/19/2012
Firefighting Safety Refresher This Thursday9/19/2012
Manson Student Earns His Class $1009/18/2012
Tree Faller Dies While Working Fire Line9/18/2012
Chelan FFA Goes On To Nationals9/18/2012
Fires Continue To Challenge Firefighters9/18/2012
Brewster Council Discusses PD9/18/2012
Chelan Imposes Residential Parking Permits9/18/2012
Manson Community To Discuss Future9/17/2012
Air Quality Advisory 9/17/2012
Goat Mountain Fire Is Active9/17/2012
Byrd Canyon Fire 45%- First Creek 10% 9/17/2012
Red Cross Shelter Available For Evacuees9/14/2012
Byrd: 35% Contained- First Creek: 500 acres9/14/2012
Structure Protection Priority for First Creek9/14/2012
First Creek/Granite Falls Evacuated9/14/2012
Barker Canyon Fire 20-percent Contained9/14/2012
Manson Seeks Permanent Recycling Local9/14/2012
WA Wildfires Receive FEMA Funding9/13/2012
Update on Okanogan Complex Fires9/13/2012
First Creek Evacuations Move Up A Level9/13/2012
Complex Fire Update Including Near Chelan9/13/2012
Chelan Fires Public Briefing Recap9/12/2012
Three Homes Lost In Douglas County Fire9/12/2012
Public Fire Briefing In Chelan Tonight9/11/2012
Nearly 30,000-Acres Burn in Douglas Co9/11/2012
Douglas County Fire Update 9/11/2012
Lower Methow Valley Fire Update9/11/2012
Canyons Fire Update9/11/2012
Chelan and Entiat Ranger District Fire Update9/11/2012
School Bus Route Changes For Chelan9/10/2012
Shore To Shore Finalists9/10/2012
Canyon Fires west of Wenatchee 500 acres9/10/2012
Methow Fire Updates9/10/2012
Emily Returns For Short Swim & Good Cause9/7/2012
Manson Learns Initiative In The Works9/7/2012
Brewster Initiates STEM Grant Program 9/7/2012
Last Day To Register For AAU Soccer 9/7/2012
Body Recovered From Lake Chelan Identified9/6/2012
School & DOC 15 Consider Cooperative9/6/2012
Brewster Starts Year With New Equipment9/6/2012
3 Rivers Hospital Is Celebrating Profit9/6/2012
Forest Service Extends Recruitment Period9/6/2012
Girl Bitten By Rattlesnake at Prince Creek9/5/2012
Man Claims He Shot Himself In Leg9/5/2012
Body Recovered From Lake Chelan9/5/2012
Early Morning Fatality on McNeil Canyon 9/4/2012
Family of Kyle Jaynes Thanks Community9/4/2012
Chelan Goats Football Opener Wrap-Up9/4/2012
Chelan Implements Peaceful Playgrounds9/4/2012
Manson Now Has A Middle School9/4/2012
3-Way Stop Could Be Here To Stay9/4/2012
State School Test Results Are In9/4/2012
Columbia River Fish Populations Rising9/4/2012
Kyle Jaynes Is Home From Hospital8/31/2012
PUD Sets Meeting To Discuss Lake Level8/31/2012
North Cascades Receives Annual Grant8/31/2012
Manson Community Solves Garbage Issue8/31/2012
Drive Hammered- Get Nailed Campaign Is On8/30/2012
Winthrop Seeks Input On ATV's On Streets8/30/2012
Manson Open House Is Tonight8/30/2012
Pateros Moves On With Shoreline Program8/30/2012
Helicopter Rescue Of 71 Year Old Woman8/30/2012
Recreation Complex8/30/2012
Manson Hosts Open House Thursday8/29/2012
Shots Fired At Manson School Overnight8/29/2012
Citizens Concerned Over Vacation Rentals8/29/2012
Rod Cool Gives Fair Report8/28/2012
Manson, Bridgeport, Liberty Bell Jamboree8/28/2012
Safeway Corner To Become Beautified8/28/2012
Manson Fire Advisory Crew Meets Tonight8/28/2012
Chelan Drama Choir Performs With Foreigner8/28/2012
Fire Crews Quickly Contain Blaze Monday8/27/2012
Trojan Coach Gives KOZI the Rundown 8/24/2012
Chelan's Pedestrian Project Nearly Complete8/24/2012
Not So Excellent Labor Stats Are In8/24/2012
Community To Install Playground Equipment8/24/2012
How Does Chelan Benefit From Tourists?8/24/2012
4-Acre Blaze Starts With Flaming Feathers8/23/2012
Deputy Stops Suspect With Spike Strip8/23/2012
Commissioners Give Engineer The Nod8/23/2012
Experts Expect Lucrative Apple Harvest8/23/2012
Scam Alert8/23/2012
Wenatchee Therapist Suspended8/23/2012
Local Superintendents Will Visit China8/22/2012
Parking Issues On Chelan Agenda8/22/2012
Manson Fire Forms Citizen Committee8/22/2012
Bridgeport Council To Discuss Budget8/22/2012
Three Killed In Car Accident Near Brewster8/22/2012
Fish Cleaning Station An Eagle Scout Project8/21/2012
Campfire Restrictions In Place8/21/2012
Safeway Corner Beautification On Agenda8/21/2012
Friends Reach Library Fundraising Goal8/21/2012
Final Phase On Johnson Ave Starts Today8/20/2012
One Scheduled Kayak Event At Chelan Falls8/20/2012
Entiat Looks At Future Of Law Enforcement8/20/2012
Vinny Gets Thumbs Up From Manson Parks8/17/2012
Lakeside Parking Concerns Deputy8/17/2012
Kyle Jaynes Remains Hospitalized & Stable8/17/2012
Brewster Council Votes Against Public's Pleas8/16/2012
Interview With Officials At Taylor Bridge Fire8/16/2012
Target Zero DUI Emphasis Starts Friday8/16/2012
Marine 71 Officially In Service8/16/2012
800 Firefighters Fight Taylor Bridge Fire8/15/2012
Brewster Council Discusses Changes To PD8/15/2012
Tuesday Morning Crash Sends One To Jail8/15/2012
Hearing For Noise Ordinance Amendment8/15/2012
Chelan's Parking Ordinance Tabled...Again8/15/2012
Taylor Bridge Fire at 28,000 Acres- 70 homes8/14/2012
Taylor Bridge Fire Torches 60 Homes So Far8/14/2012
Taylor Bridge Fire Moves to Phase III8/14/2012
Hayli's Take On Media Reports...8/14/2012
Seeing Waterborne UFO's? Probably Not...8/14/2012
Sheriff Officials Share Some of Kyle's Story8/14/2012
Happy Ending For Kyle Jaynes8/13/2012
Kyle Jaynes Found Alive and Stable8/13/2012
Too Early To Shrug Off Hospital Bond8/9/2012
Manson Near Drowning Victim Released8/9/2012
Parking Ordinance Under Consideration8/9/2012
Saturday is Suicide Awareness Seminar8/9/2012
Antoine Creek Wilde Fire Update8/9/2012
Chelan County S&R Finds Missing Man8/8/2012
Antoine 2 Fire Evacuation Notice Lifted8/8/2012
Coming Together For Life Event Saturday8/8/2012
Hospital Bond Measure Still Up In The Air8/7/2012
Today's The Last Day To Turn in Your Ballot8/7/2012
Winthrop's Possible Land Condemnation 8/7/2012
Council To Hear Presentation On Restrooms8/7/2012
Antoine 2 Fire Update8/7/2012
Antoine Creek Fire More Resources Coming8/6/2012
Antoine Creek Fire hits 4000 acres in 18 hours8/6/2012
Crane Fire Likely Started By Farmer Burning8/6/2012
Burning Restrictions8/3/2012
Detectives Investigate Three Burglaries 7/26/2012
Chelan County To Get UnderSheriff Again7/26/2012
Autopsy Done: Brewster Woman Drowned7/25/2012
Sheriff Burnett Asks To Restructure Staffing7/25/2012
WSP Says Goodbye To Crown Vic's7/25/2012
Workshop Scheduled On Comp Plan7/25/2012
Call In Smokes To CWICC or Ranger District7/25/2012
Officials Seek Help Finding Missing Plane7/24/2012
Body Found Floating In Lake Near Brewster7/24/2012
Chelan Considers Residential Parking Permits7/24/2012
Manson Swim Lessons Still Has Openings7/24/2012
DOC 15 Buys Pateros Fire Engine7/24/2012
Bridgeport Seeks Planning Committee7/24/2012
Grant PUD Interim Manager7/24/2012
Near Drowning Victim In Serious Condition7/20/2012
Commissioners Question Stehekin Plan7/20/2012
Five Arrested After Stabbing In Waterville7/20/2012
Forest Advisory Committee7/20/2012
The Hawks Are Here, The Hawks Are Here...7/19/2012
DOE Holding Up Entiat Park Plans7/19/2012
McNeil Area Douglas Complex Fire Contained7/18/2012
Foster Creek Is 100% Contained7/18/2012
Chelan Council Looks At New Turn Lanes7/18/2012
Winthrop Considers Quieting Roosters7/18/2012
"Park Model Home" Code Up For A Change7/18/2012
Detectives Cast Doubt On Random Drive-By7/18/2012
Holden Mine7/18/2012
Foster Creek Fire Is Almost Contained7/17/2012
The Dixie Swim Club Opens Friday, July 277/17/2012
Fire Levy To Be On November Ballot7/17/2012
Bridgeport Gears Up For Two Projects7/17/2012
Seahawks In Town For Football Camp7/17/2012
Chelan's Finance Director Explains Bonds7/16/2012
Pateros Celebrates 100 Years This Weekend7/16/2012
Foster Creek Fire Growing- Nears 1200-Acres7/16/2012
McNeil Fire at 120-acres- 50% Contained7/15/2012
Evacuations For McNeil Canyon Residences7/15/2012
Foster Creek Fire At 500 Acres7/13/2012
Sheriff: Drive-By Could Have Been Targeted7/13/2012
Manson Council Seeks More Involvement7/13/2012
Campfire Restrictions Kick In Friday 13th7/12/2012
Lake Chelan Level Should Be Full Next Week7/12/2012
City Council To Visit Johnson Project & More7/12/2012
Pateros Seeks Funds To Revamp Launch7/12/2012
County To Host Hearing On Building Codes7/12/2012
Twisp & District 6 Finally Agree7/11/2012
Manson Firefighters Host Open House 7/11/2012
New Ranger For Chelan Ranger District7/11/2012
Fire Crews Packing Up And Moving Out7/11/2012
DNR Says Fires Are 100% Contained7/11/2012
City of Chelan To Settle With Cingular7/10/2012
Pateros' Joni Parks Takes On New Role7/10/2012
Man Shot In Drive-By Near Chelan7/10/2012
Ann Anson Three Rivers Employee Of Month7/9/2012
Delivered Bundles Making Impact In Chelan7/9/2012
Latest Fire Updates From DNR7/9/2012
Fire Activity Butte Fire And Navarre Fire-7/9/2012
Navarre Fire Continues to Grow7/9/2012
Navarre Fire Update7/7/2012
Three Rivers CEO Plans To Stop Bleeding7/4/2012
Wells Dam Leaks Fines Are Adding Up7/4/2012
Ranger District Voices Fears This Fourth7/4/2012
Chelan Earns Well City Award7/4/2012
Bridgeport Citizens Want Off-Road Vehicles7/4/2012
No More Turning Lane In Manson- SR 1507/2/2012
Chelan Fire & Rescue Seeks Levy Lid Lift7/2/2012
Brewster Has New Police Officer7/2/2012
Bridgeport Council Considers Vendor Codes7/2/2012
Long Lost Bell Reunited With Community6/29/2012
District 6 & Twisp Closer To Fire Contract??6/29/2012
Chelan County Sheriff Introduces New Ride6/28/2012
Chelan Mayor Chooses New City Clerk6/28/2012
Lakeside Sewer Project In Full Swing6/28/2012
On The Safety Trail For All Ages At Dam6/28/2012
Statewide Burn Ban6/28/2012
Manson Council Looks To The Future6/27/2012
Sheriff Heading To Stehekin Tonight6/27/2012
Republicans Look For Riesen's Replacement6/27/2012
Wildland Fires Caused by Fireworks in 20116/27/2012
So Far, Rain Damage to Cherry Crops Minimal6/26/2012
Manson Crews Train For Water Rescue6/26/2012
New Twisp Council Member Starts Tonight6/26/2012
Early Work Continues At Holden Mine Site6/26/2012
Twelve New WAFA Homes To Bridgeport6/26/2012
Work Continues This Week on 97A6/26/2012
Council Hopes Signs Will Smooth Recycling6/26/2012
About Face Artwork Stolen From Downtown6/22/2012
Wildfire Season Looks To Be A Busy One6/22/2012
Saul Gallegos Memorial Run Is Saturday6/22/2012
Job Statistics Looking Better Locally6/22/2012
Manson Offers Free Swim Lessons6/22/2012
Douglas County Deputies Stop Burglary6/22/2012
Operation Dry Water Coming Your Way6/21/2012
Bill Passes House To Rebuild Stehekin Road6/21/2012
Majestic Methow Chosen For Restoration6/21/2012
Cancer Stats Comparison: Manson/State6/21/2012
Whooping Cough Hits Hard With 32 Cases6/20/2012
Recreation Campfires Have Restrictions Too6/20/2012
Chelan Volunteer Firefighters Graduate6/20/2012
New Link Buses Are $1 With Federal Program6/20/2012
Winthrop Seeks New Council Member6/20/2012
Twisp Still Not Agreeing To Fire Contract6/19/2012
Hospital Foundation Campaign Saves Lives6/19/2012
Chelan Library Awarded $20,000 Grant6/19/2012
It's Officially 40 MPH Now6/13/2012
Johnson Detours Set For Today6/13/2012
Chelan County Prosecutor To Retire6/12/2012
Sustainability Workshop Thursday6/12/2012
Kerm McClellan Named Road Crew Foreman6/12/2012
Brewster School Audit Results Look Good6/12/2012
PUD Considers Rates/Layoffs Tomorrow6/12/2012
Mayor Considers Firm To Find Administrator6/11/2012
Sign Up For The Saul Gallegos Memorial Run6/11/2012
Winthrop Looking To Spend Grant Funding6/11/2012
PUD Considers Reducing Staff, Raising Rates6/8/2012
Arrest Made In Dryden Homicide6/8/2012
Bridgeport Pool Opens Monday6/7/2012
Drivers Beware: School's Out For Summer6/7/2012
Brewster To Lose Decades Of Experience6/7/2012
Registration Open For Saul Gallegos Run6/6/2012
Manson's Comprehensive Plan Hearings Set6/5/2012
Brewster Clerk Pleaded Not Guilty To Theft6/5/2012
Library Grants Bring Relief To Friends 6/5/2012
AmeriCorps Volunteers Re-Paint Brewster6/5/2012
Manson Takes A Look At Their Facilities6/5/2012
Three Fingers Removal Will Likely Take Years6/4/2012
Change Orders For Beach Project Add Up6/4/2012
Bridgeport To Own Water Rights6/4/2012
Scott Raab Set to Retire As Chelan's AD6/4/2012
Community Mourns Death of Leroy Hall6/4/2012
Fishing Day Celebration at Bonaparte Lake6/4/2012
Helicopters Place Transmission Line In Entiat6/1/2012
Manson To Add Middle School Next Year6/1/2012
Bridgeport Daze Kicks Off Saturday5/31/2012
Mainstreet Health Gets New Name/Owners5/31/2012
Chelan City Drafts Sick Leave Payout Policy5/30/2012
Manson Roadwork To Start Next Week5/30/2012
Bridgeport Gets Grant For Upgrade5/30/2012
Manson School District Sells Property5/30/2012
Fire Crews Ready Round The Clock5/30/2012
Whooping Cough Epidemic Hitting Home5/29/2012
Manson Parks Hope For Grant For Singleton5/29/2012
CCSO Already Planning For Next Year5/29/2012
Local Job Stats Barely Better Than Last Year5/29/2012
Manson Exceeds Expectations At State Track 5/29/2012
Axel Makes Big Impact On First Track5/28/2012
Douglas County Marine Patrol Saves Family 5/28/2012
FERC Denies Grant County Request5/28/2012
Court to Resolve Water Tax Dispute5/28/2012
Good Time To Hit Local Trails5/25/2012
Hull Named New Pateros Principal5/25/2012
HDCA/City Earn Outstanding Partnership 5/25/2012
Sergeant: Manson Burglary Call Unfounded5/24/2012
Huddleston Gets Organized For Weekend5/24/2012
Wild Hires New Coach: Bliss Littler5/24/2012
AAA Says More Drivers On Road This Year5/24/2012
Chelan County Fair Weigh-In June 95/24/2012
Auditions Next Week For Chelan Players5/24/2012
Chelan Tennis Players Make All League5/24/2012
Residential Parking Passes5/24/2012
Wolf Predation in Methow Valley5/24/2012
Live/Work In Chelan? You May Need A Pass5/23/2012
PUD Offers Geocaching- Treasure Hunt Game5/23/2012
Chelan Council Preview For Thursday5/23/2012
Friday Is National Missing Children's Day5/23/2012
Manson Sports Updates5/22/2012
Sheehan Set to Retire June 1st5/22/2012
City of Wenatchee Faces Major Cuts5/22/2012
City of Brewster Settles With Golden Wings5/22/2012
Liberty Bell Seniors Make National News5/21/2012
Law Enforcement Preps For Busy Weekend5/21/2012
More Apple Blossom Results5/18/2012
Chelan Considers Levy- Meeting Monday5/18/2012
Chelan County Sheriff's Office Gives Report5/18/2012
8-year old stable after being hit by car5/18/2012
PFD To Get Facelift Before Dirty Work Begins5/17/2012
Conflicting Laws Blur Marijuana Ordinance5/17/2012
Cottage Food Act Effective Soon5/16/2012
Manson's Party Park Turned Family Park5/16/2012
Swezeys Not Guilty of Second Degree Murder5/15/2012
Results From Quilt Show/Parade Entries5/15/2012
WSDOT Explains Speed Limit Change5/15/2012
Highway Construction This Week 5/14/2012
PUD Shuffles Tasks For Wright's Retirement5/13/2012
Dist. 7 Considers Levy Lid Lift For 2 Stations5/13/2012
Pre-Appeal Hearing Set For The 14th 5/13/2012
North Cascades Highway 20 Opens Today5/10/2012
Hot Topics On Tonight's Agenda5/10/2012
The Fish Are Alive & Ready For Kids5/10/2012
Manson Parks Meets Today5/10/2012
Speed Limit On SR 150 Could Be Lowered5/9/2012
Kids Fishing Party Is On For Mothers Day!5/9/2012
New Homeowners Geared Up For KOZI Day5/9/2012
Suicide Prevention Meeting In Chelan5/9/2012
Assessor Meetings Coming Near You5/9/2012
Winthrop Pump Track On Its Way5/9/2012
Bridgeport Daze Going American Made5/9/2012
Seahawks Youth Football Camp at Lake Chelan5/9/2012
Manson's Roses Lake Yields Record Trout5/7/2012
Free Fifth Avenue Performance In Manson5/7/2012
KOZI Day Just Around The Corner5/7/2012
Beware Of Downed Power Lines5/7/2012
WAEF Selects Grant Winners5/7/2012
Bridgeport Accident Claims 23-Year Old5/4/2012
Golf Carts Just Three Weeks Away5/4/2012
Winthrop Council Members Voice Concerns5/4/2012
Cody's Corner: HS Video Contest5/4/2012
Parlette Honored5/4/2012
Lake Chelan Meets May 1 Target Water Level5/3/2012
Manson Trades In Text Books For iPads5/3/2012
Affordable Night To Build Affordable Home5/3/2012
Deputies Keep Prepared For SAR Missions5/3/2012
Wildfire Season Is Upon Us5/3/2012
Cody's Corner: State Park Hosts5/3/2012
Near and “Deer” Experience5/2/2012
Suspect Sought In Entiat Kidnapping Attempt5/1/2012
Bridgeport Bans Candy- Then Un-Bans It5/1/2012
Chelan County Noise Ordinance Approved5/1/2012
City Moves Forward On Pedestrian Project5/1/2012
Methow To See Timber Activity Soon5/1/2012
Pateros Parking Contract In The Works4/30/2012
Manson Options Program Gets Green Light4/30/2012
Brewster School District Considers Bond4/30/2012
KOZI Habitat Homebuilding Day Set4/30/2012
CHS Graduates Earning More Than Diplomas4/30/2012
Twisp Fire Department Looking To Annex4/28/2012
Manson Development Grandfathered In4/28/2012
Lowland Lakes Season Opener Could Be BIG4/28/2012
Pateros Fire Jumps On Interlocal Agreement4/28/2012
Deputies Take Back Drugs Today4/28/2012
Manson Fire Makes Pre Fire Plans4/26/2012
Brewster Students Learn Bike Safety4/26/2012
Chelan City Council Led By Mayor Pro Tem4/25/2012
Manson PTAC: If We Build It, They Will Play4/25/2012
Chelan 7 Successful In Detector Campaign4/25/2012
3 Rivers Hospital Has New Board Member4/25/2012
Rawson Announces Candidacy4/25/2012
Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest4/25/2012
Bridgeport Adds Hearing Examiner4/24/2012
Ex-Brewster Clerk Charged With 21 Counts4/24/2012
Manson 5 Burns Boat Launch4/24/2012
News from the Methow Ranger District4/24/2012
Noise Ordinance Still On Agenda4/23/2012
Spring Weather Brings Out Bicycle Patrol4/23/2012
Winthrop Fire Under Investigation4/23/2012
Chelan Fire Looks At Temporary Location4/23/2012
Bridgeport & DOE Settle On Water Rights4/23/2012
Trails Meeting @ Chelan Fire Hall4/23/2012
Brandt Seeks Superior Court Judge Position 4/20/2012
Earth Day Celebrations4/20/2012
Cities Dropping Weekly Newspapers4/18/2012
Chelan County Weight Restrictions Lifted4/18/2012
Winthrop Town In For Zoning Changes4/18/2012
Voters In A Supportive Mood4/18/2012
FSA Sets Aside Funds For Minorities4/17/2012
Ballots Due Today - Results Live On KOZI4/17/2012
Medical Marijuana Gardens In City Limits?4/17/2012
Golf Cart Zone Approved By Chelan City4/17/2012
Chelan Lowers General Facility Charges4/16/2012
Twisp To Apply For Trail Development Grant4/16/2012
Methow Grant Contingent On Bond Passage4/16/2012
Fire District Board To Discuss New Stations4/16/2012
PUD Fiber Decision Could Come Monday4/13/2012
State Earthquake Practice Drill This Month4/13/2012
PUD's Hydropower Is Turning Heads 4/13/2012
Federal Ruling Allows Library To Keep Filters4/12/2012
Entiat Will Get EV Charger Pitch Tonight4/12/2012
New Jail Director Announced Today4/12/2012
Hospital Moves Forward With Levy4/12/2012
Deputies Investigate Two Chelan Robberies4/12/2012
Voters: Deadline Is Just Days Away4/12/2012
PUD Lake Chelan Runoff Forecast4/12/2012
Manson PTAC Hosts Auction Saturday4/11/2012
Do We Have A Budget Agreement?4/11/2012
Biology Majors: Scholarship Deadline Coming 4/11/2012
Habitat Homeowners Announced On KOZI4/10/2012
Janney Recommends Keeping Fiber4/10/2012
Powerful Rachel's Challenge In Brewster4/10/2012
Whooping Cough Confirmed In Our Area4/10/2012
Firefighters Save House From Runaway Burn4/10/2012
Deputy England Cleared Of All Wrongdoing4/9/2012
Janey Makes Fiber Optic Recommendation4/9/2012
HDCA Annual Dinner Tuesday Night4/9/2012
Winthrop Hires Engineer For Road Projects4/6/2012
Pateros School Makes Big Plans For Future4/6/2012
Meeting For Holden Mine Clean-Up Project4/6/2012
Third Downtown Burglary Sparks Arrest4/6/2012
Arrest Made In Downtown Burglaries4/5/2012
Burglars Targeted Medical Marijuana Patients4/5/2012
Wastewater Pipeline Moving To Woodin4/5/2012
Vista del Lago Still Fighting4/5/2012
Transmission Work Could Affect You4/5/2012
Brewster Police Seeking Help In Investigation4/4/2012
Bridgeport State Park Stays Year-Round4/4/2012
Golf Carts On Road To Be Topic At Meeting4/4/2012
Chelan Fire & Rescue Tackle Vintage Bug4/4/2012
Suicide Prevention Group In Chelan County4/4/2012
Rotary Presents Paul Harris Fellow Awards4/3/2012
Noise Ordinance Hearing Continued 4/3/2012
Stop Work Order Issued At Alder Mill Site4/3/2012
Bridgeport Officials Becoming Bilingual4/3/2012
LCSD: If We Build It- They Can Play4/3/2012
Chelan Wants Approval To Re-Pave RV Park4/3/2012
Assessors Host Meeting For Seniors Today4/3/2012
Methow Standards High For Communication4/3/2012
Will The Noise Ordinance Pass?4/2/2012
Brewster School Looks To Replace Roof4/2/2012
Swinford To Spend 22 Years Behind Bars3/30/2012
Mom & Pop Business Awards Banquet3/30/2012
County's Noise Ordinance Causes A Stir3/30/2012
LCSD Honored for defibrillator program3/30/2012
Twisp Council Votes To Support Mayor3/30/2012
Pipeline Project Comes To Brewster3/30/2012
PUD Offers Incentives For Improvements3/30/2012
Swinford Hearing Set For Friday3/28/2012
Chelan PUD To Give Entiat More Power3/28/2012
Chelan Dropping GFC's? We'll See...3/28/2012
Lt. Pat Moore With Extinguisher Tips3/28/2012
Methow Seeks Two Levies & Bond3/28/2012
Swinford Hearing3/28/2012
Ballots Coming Soon...3/27/2012
RiverCom Warns Of 9-1-1 Scam3/27/2012
Twisp Solar Project Seeking Investors3/27/2012
Supreme Court Argues Obama Care3/27/2012
No Chickens On Small Lots In Chelan...3/26/2012
LCCH Discusses Draft Resolution For Levy3/26/2012
Bridgeport Sells Lots To WAFA For Project3/26/2012
Legislatures Weigh In On Proposed Tactic3/26/2012
Entiat Award Winner Heads To DC Tomorrow3/26/2012
Link Transit Offers Free Trips For Youth3/23/2012
Little Mermaid Show In Manson Tomorrow3/23/2012
Bridgeport Moves Ahead With Abatements3/23/2012
Hospital Foundation Offering Scholarships3/23/2012
Cody's Corner: Law Enforcement Camp3/23/2012
Prescribed Burns On Hold3/23/2012
Swinford Hearing Moved...AGAIN...3/22/2012
More Vacation Rental Regulations Coming?3/22/2012
Entiat Dispatcher Earns National Award3/22/2012
Innamorata Owner Tells Story3/22/2012
Swinford Hearing3/22/2012
Gas Price Forecast Summer 20123/22/2012
Court Advocate Says Raney Family Shines 3/21/2012
Winthrop Agrees To Disagree With Twisp3/21/2012
Inamorata Nearly Hits Shore 3/21/2012
Chelan City Council Meets Thursday 3/21/2012
Pateros Street To Be Chip Sealed3/21/2012
Entiat To Offer Full Day Kinder Classes3/21/2012
Bamboo Shoot - Ruby Theatre Burglarized3/21/2012
Raney Advocate Talks Legal Walk3/20/2012
Interpretive Signs Coming To Don Morse3/20/2012
Social Media Workshop Offers Boost3/20/2012
Liquor Ruling3/20/2012
Swinford Sentencing Set For Thursday3/19/2012
FMSC Leaders Parting Interview3/19/2012
Chelan Livestock Hearings This Week3/19/2012
Chelan County PUD Hosts Fiber Meetings3/19/2012
Traffic Control Expected on SR 1503/19/2012
LCCH Hosts Meetings Before Seeking Levy3/19/2012
Hawkins to Challenge Armstrong3/19/2012
Seussical Jr. at Manson High3/16/2012
Industrial Land Use Plan Roughly Drafted3/16/2012
Twisp Hall Future Remains Up In The Air3/16/2012
Kuntz At Manson Grange Tomorrow3/16/2012
Brewster Seeks Citizen/Business Of Year3/15/2012
Manson Parks Levy Committee Formed3/15/2012
Manson Recycle Containers Find New Home3/15/2012
Bridgeport Considers Affiliation With NEWS3/15/2012
Okanogan Electric Co-op Rate Re-structure3/15/2012
Supreme Court Okays Redistricting3/15/2012
Friday Last Day To Nominate Manson Staff3/14/2012
Kuntz To Speak At Manson Grange3/14/2012
Dist. 7 Snuffs Grass Fire In Chelan Falls3/14/2012
Former Diesel Tank Site Listed As Hazardous3/14/2012
Chelan FFA Looking For Volunteers To Judge3/13/2012
Huddleston: Robbery Was Targeted Incident3/13/2012
WSP Looking For Witnesses In Bus Crash3/13/2012
Do We Still Need General Facility Charges?3/13/2012
Three Rivers Seeks New Board Member3/13/2012
Manson Fire & EMS Are Hometown Heroes3/13/2012
Armed Robber On Loose In Manson3/12/2012
Quincy Bus Involved In Roll-Over Accident3/12/2012
Chelan Sewer Project Starting This Week3/12/2012
Manson Parks Calls For Levy Volunteers3/12/2012
Entiat Prepares For Summer Projects3/12/2012
Salmon River Scholarship Applications3/12/2012
Brewster Food Bank Plans Dedication3/10/2012
CODY'S CORNER: Daylight Saving Time3/9/2012
Successful Feed My Starving Children Event3/9/2012
Charlton Weighs In On Evaluation Bill3/9/2012
Winthrop Finishes Business In 18 Minutes3/9/2012
Manson Firefighters Fight Fire With Fire3/8/2012
Brewster City Eliminates Airport Disputes3/7/2012
Simulcast System Switch Over Coming Soon3/7/2012
AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report3/7/2012
Chelan Prepares For Big Construction Season3/7/2012
County Waits For State Budget Cuts3/7/2012
Manahan Talks Graduation Rates & Passion3/6/2012
Faith Healers Plead Not Guilty In Sons Death3/6/2012
Three Rivers Hospital Defends Lease...Again3/6/2012
Manson Honors Nominees For Excellence3/6/2012
Twisp Police Host Forum On Drug Influx3/6/2012
PUD Auctions Power Slice For $83 Million3/6/2012
Chelan Fire & Rescue Tests Smoke Alarms3/6/2012
Chelan School Principal Receives Prestigious Award3/6/2012
Brewster Fans Celebrate Second In State3/5/2012
Rocky Reach Visitors Center Open & Ready3/5/2012
Liberty Bell Debate Team Advances To State3/5/2012
Bridgeport City Seeks Help To Save Park3/5/2012
Orchardist Lawsuit Claims Pilot Was Texting 3/5/2012
Monday 03/05/12 Traffic Alert3/5/2012
Grant County PUD Passes Over Local Ruling3/2/2012
Carbon Copy Tickets: A Thing Of The Past3/2/2012
Firefighters Cook Breakfast To Raise Money3/2/2012
Manahan Explains Property Rejection3/2/2012
Bridgeport Honors Employees Of The Year3/2/2012
Volunteers To Help Choose Grant Recipients3/2/2012
Swinford Attorney Files For Retrial3/1/2012
House Approves Tax Increase Without Vote3/1/2012
Chelan Council Recap3/1/2012
Register For Bridgeport Fishing Derby3/1/2012
Swinford's Sentencing Is Delayed2/29/2012
Manson Teen Gets 20 Years For Stabbing2/29/2012
Brewster Charging For False Alarms2/29/2012
Chinese Student Exchange2/29/2012
No Aquatics Center On School Property2/29/2012
Leap Years- Leap Days & Leap Seconds2/29/2012
Your Chance To Support Raney Family2/28/2012
Manson Council Needs New Member2/28/2012
VA Clinic Open House Seeks Patients2/28/2012
Brewster Food Bank Will Open2/28/2012
Impact Statements Sought On Paul Raney2/27/2012
Council Members Speak Out On Tax Measure2/27/2012
Prescribed Burns In Chelan Ranger Dist.2/27/2012
Traffic Alert: Monday 02/27/122/27/2012
Spelling Bee Winners Advance2/27/2012
Chelan Council Approves Tax For Vote2/24/2012
Chelan Sheriff Explains Patrol Vision2/24/2012
New Cop Car Coming To Brewster2/24/2012
Entiat School Looks To The Future2/24/2012
Sheriff Talks Block Watch & K9 Addition2/23/2012
TTC Decision On Tonight's Agenda2/23/2012
Don't Miss Manson's Math Night Tonight2/23/2012
Lake Level Predictions Are Looking Good2/23/2012
Winthrop Marshal's Investigation Continues2/23/2012
Solar Project On The Way To TwispWorks2/22/2012
Weather Warning Winds2/22/2012
Winthrop Barn Looking For New Heaters2/22/2012
2012 Miss Lake Chelan Royalty Crowned2/21/2012
Improperly Discarded Cigs Cause Two Fires2/21/2012
Schools Celebrate Passing Levies2/21/2012
Winthrop Has New Park & Rec Plan2/21/2012
Manson Offers Family Math Night 2/17/2012
Board Asks Public: Aquatics Center Location2/17/2012
Twisp Chamber Stays Put2/17/2012
Wrestlers Get Minor Brush With Semi2/17/2012
Rocky Reach Rock Slope Stabilization2/17/2012
Chelan Council: On The Ballot, Or Not?2/16/2012
Entiat Approves Tax Measure On Ballot2/16/2012
Bridgeport Plans For New Businesses2/16/2012
Local School Levies Pass2/16/2012
Chelan Sewer Upgrade Begins In Spring2/16/2012
OCEC Meets To Discuss Rate Structure2/15/2012
Lake Chelan Water Level Meeting2/15/2012
CCSO Meets With Chelan/Manson Residents2/15/2012
Chelan Fire & Rescue Pays Off Bonds2/15/2012
Bridgeport Hires Billing Firm For EMS2/15/2012
Listener Shares K Factor Story2/14/2012
Thinking About Volunteering To Fight Fires?2/14/2012
We Celebrate Valentine's Day Because....2/14/2012
Approval For TTC Bill Set For Wednesday2/14/2012
Bid Awarded For Don Morse Projects2/14/2012
Morse Runs For Representative Seat2/14/2012
Forest Restoration In Eastern Washington2/14/2012
ACLU Defends NCRL Lawsuit 2/13/2012
Council Moves Towards Grant Applications2/13/2012
Feed My Starving Children2/13/2012
Swinford Verdict Day2/13/2012
Janes Chicken and Dumplings 2/11/2012
Steven Swinford Found Guilty2/10/2012
NCRL Sued For Not Allowing Porn2/10/2012
New Homes Coming To Bridgeport2/10/2012
Cody's Corner: Inspire An 8th Grader2/10/2012
Fire District 7 Adds Volunteers2/10/2012
Douglas Sheriff Calls For Cutbacks2/10/2012
Swindford Trial: Day FOUR2/10/2012
Swinford Trial: Day THREE2/9/2012
A Tax Increase Without A Vote?2/9/2012
Holden Village Prepares For Clean-Up2/9/2012
Winthrop Town Council2/9/2012
Cody's Corner: CHS Blood Drive2/9/2012
Jail Director Search Underway2/9/2012
Sheriff Sergeant Defends Idling Vehicles2/8/2012
Manson Council Opens Communication2/8/2012
Chelan PUD Celebrates $17 Million2/8/2012
Swinford Trial: Day TWO2/8/2012
Swinford Trial: Day ONE2/7/2012
Secure Rural School Proposal2/7/2012
This Is Burn Awareness Week2/7/2012
Chelan City Council Thursday2/7/2012
Brewster Students Earn IT Certificate2/7/2012
Swinford Trial Begins Today2/6/2012
Manson Band Members Earn All-State2/6/2012
Next Habitat House Meetings This Week2/6/2012
Town Toyota Dilemma Continues2/3/2012
Chelan PUD To Work on Woodin Ave 2/3/2012
Manson Transportation Earns Top Rating2/3/2012
CHS FFA VP represents Northwest2/3/2012
Brewster PAC Meeting Monday2/3/2012
TRAX Set For February 17th-19th2/3/2012
3 Rivers Looks At District Needs2/3/2012
Investigation into LCCH Administrators2/2/2012
GiveNaked's Big Impact2/2/2012
Watershed Meeting Feb. 8th2/2/2012
Manahan Contract Extended2/2/2012
Cody Looks At Transit Program2/2/2012
Hatchery Complete At Chelan Falls2/2/2012
Rainey's Life Celebrated On Anniversary2/1/2012
Valentine Cookie Deliveries From Manson2/1/2012
Brewster's Whopping Instrument Delivery2/1/2012
Manson School Receives Donation2/1/2012
Chelan Fire & Rescue Awards Banquet2/1/2012
Chelan Warehouse Industry Open House2/1/2012
Rebuilding Together Work Day Planned2/1/2012
Chelan Hospital Ex-CEO Fired From Oregon1/31/2012
Town Toyota PFD Meets Wednesday1/31/2012
Free Tax Preparation In Chelan1/31/2012
Holden Mine Clean-Up Remedy Finalized1/31/2012
Library Project Looking For Historic Photos1/31/2012
Local Schools Earn Top Ratings1/31/2012
Are Democrats Stalling In Olympia?1/31/2012
Chelan Moves Ahead On Pedestrian Project1/31/2012
Community Rallies Support For Clayton1/27/2012
Cody's Corner: Driving Restrictions For Teens1/27/2012
Extension Cord Safety Tips1/27/2012
Twisp Tables Property Donation 1/27/2012
Native Planting 101 Coming February 41/27/2012
Aquatics Center Behind Community Gym?1/26/2012
World Book Night Volunteers Needed1/26/2012
Sgt. Huddleston Says: Slow Down1/26/2012
Pateros Students To Serve As Ambassadors1/26/2012
Clayton Kimsey's Sister Gives Update1/25/2012
Three Rivers Hospital Drops Quorum1/25/2012
Chelan Looks At Business License Revision1/25/2012
Brewster Considers False Alarm Ordinance1/25/2012
Farmers Could Get Aid To Conserve Energy1/25/2012
Cody's Corner: Scott Raab Sleeps Outside1/24/2012
Intalco Still Searching For Barge Loading Site1/24/2012
Manson Offers Adult Education Classes1/24/2012
Idalia Guillen: Manson Apple Blossom Queen1/24/2012
Celebration of Gavin's Life Will Be Thursday1/23/2012
Chelan County PUD Keeps Meeting Schedule1/23/2012
Cody Hears Interns Presentations1/23/2012
Brewster Council Meeting1/23/2012
Chelan Takes Look At Code Enforcement1/23/2012
Chelan County Shares Linemen1/20/2012
Remembrance Fund For Gaye Gavin1/20/2012
Pateros Assigned New Fire Chief1/20/2012
Authorities Still Looking For Missing Man1/20/2012
Chelan County PUD Looks To Sell Lots1/20/2012
Town Toyota Center Debt Dilemma1/19/2012
Apple Blossom Royalty Selection Night1/19/2012
Bridgeport City Transitions Smoothly1/19/2012
PUD Considers Water Rate Increase1/19/2012
Echo Valley To Open Saturday1/19/2012
Fatal Accident Claims Life of Chelan Woman1/18/2012
Clayton Kimsey Shows Improvement1/18/2012
Chelan Council Shares Masonic Lodge1/18/2012
Stehekin Post Office To Stay Open1/18/2012
Clayton Kimsey Listed In Serious Condition1/17/2012
Fire 5 Plans Ahead With Workshop1/17/2012
Manson Parks Plans For Half Budget1/17/2012
Twisp Town Hall Building Committee1/16/2012
Apple Blossom Royalty Selection Night1/16/2012
Code Enforcement Hearing Tomorrow1/16/2012
It's Snowing At Orondo Cider Works1/16/2012
State Patrol Enforcing Shoulder Parking1/16/2012
Phone Lines Limited Next Week1/13/2012
Manahan Suits Up for Polar Bear Splash1/13/2012
Winterfest Goers To See DUI Patrol1/13/2012
Habitat House 15 Set for Spring1/13/2012
White River Fish Project Public Hearing1/13/2012
Winterfest Fire & Ice: Round 21/12/2012
Lampe Supports Him, Wait, No He Doesn't1/12/2012
Twisp Holds First Meeting Of 20121/12/2012
Minimum Wage Soared to $9.04 Jan. 11/12/2012
Voter Registration Deadline Approaching1/12/2012
Chelan City Council Meets Thursday 1/11/2012
Bridgeport School Board Has Opening1/11/2012
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Is Preventable1/11/2012
Chelan Valley Hope Coat Drive1/11/2012
Phyllis Gleasman Appointed To WVC Board1/10/2012
WA School Cuts Could Be Off Table1/10/2012
HDCA Tax Credit Incentive Program1/10/2012
Bridgeport Woman Arrested for Assault1/10/2012
Filing Period for 2012.1/9/2012
Elections Costs1/9/2012
Twisp Drops Winthrop Marshal's Help1/6/2012
Mazama Outward Bound School Closes1/6/2012
DUI Holiday Emphasis Proves Successful1/6/2012
Brewster Council Shelves Water Rights1/6/2012
Chelan Resident Dies Outside House1/6/2012
Republicans Working To Oust Kehne, Lampe1/5/2012
Twisp Cops Cut Ties with Winthrop Marshal1/5/2012
High Speed Pursuit Started By Suspect1/5/2012
Mansfield School Zone Gets Grant1/5/2012
Edgar Arellano Named IT Manager1/5/2012
Echo Ridge Is OPEN!1/4/2012
Chelan's Agustin Benegas Goes Abroad1/4/2012
Native Plants On Sale Now1/4/2012
Okanogan County Rec Plan Meetings1/4/2012
Congratulations Chelan Football Players1/3/2012
Christmas Tree Bonfire for Winterfest1/2/2012
New Homeless Shelter In Wenatchee1/2/2012
Explorer Search & Rescue Program1/2/2012
New Equipment For Fire District 71/2/2012