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[10/28/16] It’s Just A Drill!! Manson School District Will Hold Emergency Drill Today

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The lights and sirens, and the presence of emergency vehicles at the Manson School’s today is just a drill.

[10/28/16] Frustrated With Extended Traffic Delays On 150?

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What should we expect today? We have no idea. We don’t even know if they are working today, or if they are, if we should expect extended traffic delays.

[10/28/16] Police Blotter Plus

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[10/27/16] Manson Volleyball To Host First Round Of Districts Friday at 3:15 PM

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If the Trojans win on Friday (GO Trojans) they are guaranteed two more district games hosted by Ephrata High School.

[10/27/16] Chelan County Knee Deep In 2017 Budget Process

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Commissioners will now begin the number crunching process of trying to align department budget requests into the budget.

[10/27/16] Police Blotter Plus

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