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[8/29/16] Horrific Boat Accident On Lake Chelan Ends With Serious Injuries

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Just before 11 PM, south shore residents in the Missouri Harbor area reported hearing a speeding boat followed by a crash and screams for help.

[8/29/16] Sewer Pipeline Project On State Route 150 With 10 Min. Delays

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Crews will work Monday through Thursday 7 am until 5:30 pm throughout the seven week project.

[8/29/16] Suncrest Fire In Leavenworth At 496 Acres, 35 Percent Contained

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Cause of the fire remains under investigation.

[8/29/16] Lake Chelan Midlake Weather Conditions

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Wind: Downlake wind 2–4 mph.

[8/29/16] Police Fire EMS Weekend Report

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082816FireEMS 082916FireEMS

[8/26/16] Runoff Effects

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Osborne says that since the runoff, so-called “snorkel surveys” have shown other fish species using the channel…