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[10/20/16] Police Blotter Plus

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[10/19/16] If You Go Hunting- Don’t Trespass

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In the state of Washington, a No Trespassing sign DOES NOT have to be posted in order for trespass laws to be enforced.

[10/19/16] Police Blotter Plus

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[10/19/16] Low Steelhead Returns Means No Fishing Season

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The run is only 33 percent of the 10-year average of counts at Priest Rapids Dam.

[10/19/16] Manson Soccer Loses A Close One- Volleyball Wins In 3 Sets

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Manson dominated possession and attack for most of the game.

[10/18/16] Methow Valley School Looks At $2 Million Limited General Obligation Bond

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The district plans to pay back the principle on the loan using the Capital Projects Facility Improvement levy dollars.