[4/12/17] Manson Students On A $10,000 Spending Spree – Awarding Grants

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It’s not uncommon for high school students to spend an exuberant amount of time filling out applications for various scholarship and grant funding opportunities.

In Manson, this week, roles were reversed– and it was the students who were sorting applications and handing out grant funding.

It’s part of a program hosted by the Community Foundation of North Central Washington.

Denise Sorom, Director of Community Philanthropy for the Community Foundation of NCW, says the program is called the Manson Giving Great Grants and is unique to the Manson School District…

041217 Manson Grants 1 1:08 “…it’s one of my favorites.”

This year, Sorom says, there was a large total request of more than $17,000. With $10,000 to give- students had to make some tough decisions…

041217 Manson Grants 2 :27 “…a project work financially.”

This Manson Giving Great Grants project, Sorom says, really represent the spirit of the Manson School District…

041217 Manson Grants 3 :29 “… to work with the students.”

Grants awarded this year include:

Mia Cauley (kolly) to support an 8th grade backpacking club

Ann Marie Flores for an overnight camp experience at Holden Village for Manson Options Program

Phil Fourner (forn-ee-ay) for a High School field trip to Seattle Art Museum and Museum of Pop Culture

Kayla Helleson to support a weekly, half-day summer camp

Dane Johnson for an Options Middle School field trip to Salish Sea

Kami Kronbauer and Jennifer Koth (koath) for supplies and materials for the directed studies program

Karoline (karo-line) Martin to purchase library books

Jared Mumly for money to go towards wireless smart carts

Keitlyn (keet-lyn) Watson for games and puzzles for families who attended STEAM night.

For more information on grants and donor advised funds, visit the Community Foundation of North Central Washington’s website at