[4/4/17] Manson School District Moves Into Final Plans For Summer Remodel Project

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The Manson School Board, at their meeting this week, considered and accepted a bid for an upcoming remodel project, planned for this summer.

Manson Superintendent, Matt Charlton, tells KOZI that the project will focus on the shop, the band room and the art room…

040417 Manson Project 1 :39 “…changes occurring this summer.”

Now, Charlton says, it’s time for contract negotiations…

040417 Manson Project 2 :28 “…changes that will occur.”

Charlton says the project comes with a price tag of approximately $1million…

040417 Manson Project 3 :23 “…facilities that we did.”

The facility improvement project at Manson Schools is expected to begin as soon as the school year is over and be completed before the start of the 2017-18 school year.